I Love Trump But…

I like Donald Trump and think he’s doing a good job despite encountering the strongest headwinds of any President in my lifetime. But the one thing he does that I fear will blow up in his face is taking credit for the great performance of the stock market. By taking credit for the highs in the market he also becomes the owner of the lows when they occur at some point in the future.

Trump doesn’t really get to decide how the market does. He can get the government out of the way of certain sectors by reducing regulation or imposing tariffs but that’s about it. He is more of a cheerleader for corporate growth but that’s about all he can do.

The good thing about this is at least Trump seems willing to own the things that happen while he is in office. In contrast, Obama blamed every bad thing on his predecessor, G.W. Bush, until after his reelection. Trump is a good man and I’m glad he is in our corner.