SPAM Month July 2019

Remembering what a splash that was made last year, we decided to check-in with Dixon City Councilman Ted Hickman. Ted ignited a firestorm last year by declaring July, as SPAM month. SPAM is Straight Pride Americans Month.

…I am proclaiming July as NOT LGBTQ-WTF aka… Straight pride month… You know… I hereby resolve that I proclaim the month of July to be celebrated as… I am proud to be a heterosexual, monogamous, married to the opposite sex, straight individual that knows what goes where and why. But I’m not going to try to shove this down you throat, so to speak, you can be one or not, that’s your choice.

(emphasis and colors in original post)

To see much of Ted’s original page, see our article Finally: A Ted I Can Believe In

Today, we took a look at Ted’s blog and sadly found it was down. We were greeted with a generic WordPress web page that was dated April 2019.

The original post can still be found here by scrolling down the page.

Why Ted has taken down his page is a mystery. Looks like Ted was booted from office last November by a coalition of haters.

With all precincts reporting, Ernest trounced Hickman with 71.54 percent of the vote on Election Day. In total, Ernest earned 739 votes versus Hickman’s 287, with 7 others writing-in a candidate.

Dixon Vice Mayor Who Penned Homophobic Column Voted Out Of Office

Since Ted is out of the public eye I don’t get why he would take down the whole blog even if this one offending post was an issue. Heck, Aaron Park lights folks up all the time and then deletes the offending posts, especially following June elections.

Now hundreds of millions of the rest of us can celebrate our month, peaking on July 4th, as healthy, heterosexual, fairly monogamous, keep our kinky stuff to ourselves, Americans… We do it with our parades in every state and county in this country with families celebrating together. We honor our country and our veterans who have made all of this possible (including for the tinker bells) and we can do it with actual real pride, not some put on show just to help our inferior complex “show we are different” type of crap.

Ted Hickman July 2018

Anyway, Ted we miss you. Oh, and happy SPAM month 2019. Be sure you celebrate SPAM on July 4th, most folks will.