Prediction: Donald Trump Is the Last Republican President Ever

While the CRA and Koch Brothers may be glad to hear this prediction, it’s sad for the rest of us. Why? Because Republicans have failed in their duty to defend and uphold the Constitution while the Democrats never believed in the Constitution to start with. Democrats view the Constitution as an obstacle to overcome (or thwart) to get what they want. No news with that claim.

Koch Brothers promise to support Democrats in 2020 elections

Basically, my prediction is just simple math. Democrats allow illegal aliens to vote and ditto for felons (see Florida, Virginia, California). Anyone they can create into a group dependent on them gets the franchise. Also they have no problem with letting people vote more than once and even beyond the grave. In short, any and all means they can use to game the system to get the outcome they want are allowed.

Only a national voter I.D. program that is part of a comprehensive voter reform and integrity program could change this from happening but the Republicans failed to do this when they controlled Congress so I think that ship sailed. There is an outside chance to do this in 2020 if they retake the House but I wouldn’t bet the farm on it.

We live in a country where there are millions more voters than people and the ruling party in these states likes it that way. And if by some miracle we should prevail at the ballot box they then go to their buddies in the courts to get an injunction to stop what they don’t like.

Also, the indoctrination of our youth via government schools is creating dependency on government programs and solutions, a trend which is unfavorable for freedom as well.

Folks the Republic is over and nothing but divine intervention can fix that fact. You can call it oligarchy or rule by elites, but the idea of rags-to-riches as described years ago by Horatio Alger and more recently by Rush Limbaugh is a world of opportunity that is going the way of the T-Rex and coal powered trains.

The old saying that “as California goes, so goes the nation” is proving more true that we’d like to believe. The question is not “if” but “when”. The only alternative left for “flyover country” is exit the republic. Me? I’d rather cling to my guns and religion than be led by these “leaders.”

Like him or hate him, Donald Trump is the last Republican President we will ever have. I hope I’m proven wrong but sadly I see no evidence to contradict this assertion.

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