2020 Trump Attack from Right Begins

Having survived the Mueller Report, President Trump is facing round two from within his own Party. Besides the unsolicited attacks from Mitt Romney, the CRA and its offspring, the National Federation of Republican Assemblies (NFRA) appears to be piling on as well.

Below are portions of solicitations for the NFRA Convention that I have received in the last 48 hours.

Yesterday we are informed that Donald Trump is not our only choice for President. Former Governor Bill Weld is offering himself to take-out the Orange President.

Today we are told about the speaker list which includes Ted Cruz. No surprise there.

Trump has done more for the faith community since any President since Ronald Reaganand arguably more–but its not good enough for the NeverTrumper wing of the Republican Party. They seem to want Hillary Clinton in the White House until such time as God Himself rides in on a white horse to settle all accounts. (FYI This won’t happen in your lifetime so get over it.)

Its really pathetic that Trump is the most effective weapon in the Republican arsenal and many of them can’t wait to plunge a knife in his back the first chance that they get.

Update April 22nd

Pay to play option unveiled. Everyone going is automatically a delegate.