Apple Again Lies to the Faithful

Ok so Apple lying in and of itself this is nothing new. Let’s look at their track record over the last few years.

  • Apple throttles performance and battery life of their old phones to get people to buy new iPhones.
  • Their top selling antivirus app for several years was in reality a spyware program.
  • They trick gullible people into paying double or triple for inferior technology and their slick marketing affirms that their stuff is better when it is often obsolete or old tech.
  • They steal tech from other people without attribution or proper payment of patented technology.
  • Apple fails to offer features on their phones that have been available from other manufacturers for over a decade—can you say “SD Card”?

Given the above, why is it any wonder that they plan to lie to their customers yet again? We all know that Apple is the only cell phone manufacturer on the planet, and yes I do mean anywhere on planet Earth, that has publically stated they will NOT offer a 5G phone in 2019. But now this little gem shows up on tech websites today:

AT&T is planning to sell its updated 4G network as “5G Evolution” in the US. Even though your phone will be connected to an updated 4G network, you will see a “5G E” indicator on your phone. In the recently released iOS 12.2 beta release, Apple has added support for this fake 5G network.

If you are running iOS 12.2 beta on the latest iPhones (XR, XS, and XS Max), you will be seeing this new 5G E network indicator in over 400 markets. When AT&T launches real 5G network later this year, it will be indicated as “5G+”.

So Apple is just going to call 4G connectivity 5G just so they and AT&T can market a lie. Apple lies in hopes that their shareholders won’t continue to cry.

Folks by the international standards that have been set, what we call 4G in the United States is really not 4G speed. The designation 4GLTE is “4G light”. This is their way of saying it’s not really 4G but faster than what we sold as 3G. Looks like a similar scheme is being rolled-out by Tim Cook and Ma Bell. AT&T and Apple are going to call something closer to a real 4G standard network as “5G Evolution”. Clearly this 5GE designation only exists in the minds of the marketing department.

Bottom line, if it’s an Apple product, it can’t run on a true 5G network, period. Any claim to the contrary is a lie. One I’m sure that will be used to separate people from their money at a $1,000 or more per phone. Apple’s iPhone, it’s not 5G, and still can’t use an SD Card.