Tesla Autopilot Breaks Law, Passenger Cited

PALO ALTO (CBS SF) – Authorities are trying to determine if a Tesla driver who was arrested for alleged DUI in Palo Alto early Friday morning had used the vehicle’s “Autopilot” feature to help him get to his destination.

The California Highway Patrol attempted a traffic stop on southbound Highway 101, south of Highway 92 around 3:30 a.m. After the driver refused to yield, they apparently found him asleep behind the wheel.

When the CHP had units in place minutes later, one patrol car got in front of the Tesla to slow down the vehicle. Officers said the driver then woke up after the car had slowed below 30 miles per hour.

He was taken into custody at a gas station in Palo Alto after allegedly failing a field sobriety test.

Tesla Driver Accused Of DUI On Peninsula May Have Used ‘Autopilot’

Folks, I’m mystified about this story. With the brains of Elon Musk navigating this vehicle, what did the car do that caused the California Highway Patrol to take an interest in it? While its creator may be subject to puffing on the illicit weed, I think silicon based lifeforms are immune to the effects of California’s largest cash crop.

Think about it. The vehicle is the one failing to yield for law enforcement not the sole passenger of the car. The man in the car engaged all the safety systems that money can buy in a modern vehicle and still it wasn’t enough.

Once the CHP communicated with the Tesla, it slowed as instructed. A musk apologist might even say it performed as expected. Clearly the flaw demonstrated by the vehicle is a reflection of its creator. Musk is a documented scofflaw (just ask the SEC, DEA, & FBI) so it would follow that his creation likewise reflects its maker; in temperament anyways.

Again the passenger is cited for the actions of the driver, clearly I have a problem blaming the victim and not the perpetrator. California’s Department of Motor Vehicles recognizes the rights of self-driving vehicles, why doesn’t the State Police (CHP)? This is clearly speciesism.

The other issue of note is where this traffic stop took place, Palo Alto, California. Yeah, the heart of Silicon Valley. Clearly this shows a bias for Google’s self-driving car. Again, this is discriminatory and selective use of the law.

Lastly, look at the humiliation that the Tesla was subjected to. The CHP forced the vehicle to stop in a gas station. Yes, the state-of-the-art pinnacle of electric vehicles was subjected to treatment that is clearly below its superior class.

Where is John Edwards or Johnny Cochran when we need a trial attorney? This is clearly cutting edge legal territory begging for its day in court.