The Democrats 70 Million Dollar Mistake

Just to clarify, the 70 million has nothing to do with that rigged mega millions jackpot you Americans play.  That is the amount of DEMOCRAT/HOLLYWOOD/SILICON VALLEY money that has flown to Texas to attack Sen Ted Cruz.  Cruz is in the Senator who will be winning re-election in a week by around 10% mind you.  Cruz may have his misgivings and may have angered the Donald Trump coalition but he was not going to lose re-election, especially with very popular Governor Greg Abbott leading the ticket.  Again to re-iterate if you are from Rio Linda or think the Russia colluded, Ted will win with at least around 10% of the vote.  Forget about Beto O’Rourke for a minute, I’m going to lay out why those in charge of the Democrat’s Senatorial Campaign arm should be drawn and quartered.

Ted Cruz—CRA Savior

While they were blowing all this money on Cruz the same way Charlie Sheen blows the booger sugar, look at what happened to some of the other races for control of the Senate.

First look at North Dakota. Now full disclosure, the candidate had some missteps, but what if she got $10 million of that allotment?  Ten million is a ton in North Dakota, you could even dig up all my dead brethren to vote Left.  That seat?  Yeah it’s lost as well, GOP +1.

Now let’s take a look at Missouri. The incumbent has had a rough couple weeks since the Kavanaugh “No” vote. She is falling behind her challenger. Again could an infusion of $10 million help?  Sorry already went to Beto in Texas. I will call this race for the GOP as well, +2.

Trek up north to Indiana. This race should not be close. The GOP had a disaster of a primary with a challenger emerging mortally wounded. Again the race has closed and appears to be falling the way of the good guys. Polling again is close, but leaning GOP at this time.  We will call this +3 again. I think Democrats have been oversampled yet again here.  So we still would have had 50 million left, maybe another $10 here?

In Florida it’s a giant unknown who will come out on top, but a 24 year veteran Senator being virtually tied with–let’s say a Governor who carries a lot of baggage with him–is not good for the Democrats; especially headed down the stretch here.  It probably would have taken $15 million here but you have a late emerging race where the Democrats could lose.

Now we will look at 3 additional races, 2 held by the GOP.  I’m going to ignore the Tennessee seat, because it looks too far for Democrats to reach.  In Arizona, I cannot really get a feel on this one, I think the GOP challenger is a good one. The Democrat seems like a Code Pink whacko.  Hard to tell here but another $10 million out of that pot may push the Democrat across. This is the seat of aptly named Jeff Flake who basically is making Lindsay Graham into a fire breathing conservative.  Much like the Nevada seat we will discuss next I like the fact that the GOP is winning the Governor’s race in both states at current polling.

Nevada is a tough state for the GOP. Clark County, think Las Vegas, is growing and becoming more left quickly. The Senator is an incumbent and has made some missteps. He leads in polling but I think this is one we lose.  I think between Arizona and Nevada we lose 1.  Montana is another seat just out of our grasp, and a race Democrats could be wondering why they didn’t spend more there.  I think the Democrat wins.  So far if you’re keeping score at home GOP +2 with 1 pure toss up in Florida.  With the House looking likely to switch parties I cannot help but wonder what some Democrats will be thinking after seeing the Senate results.

I for one am glad they spent the money elsewhere.

“The Chief”