Follow-up: Government Knows What’s Best for Children

Here is the legislative language on fines for daring to offer a children’s meal with anything but milk or water.

114379.50. A violation of this chapter is, notwithstanding Section 114395, an infraction, provided, however, that the first violation shall result in a notice of violation. A second violation within a five-year period from the notice of violation shall be punishable by a fine of not more than two hundred fifty dollars ($250). For a third or subsequent violation within a five-year period, the fine shall be not more than five hundred dollars ($500). A restaurant shall not be found to have committed a violation under this chapter more than once during an inspection visit.

URL: SB 1192 text

Please note that there is no age limit in this bill.

Thus if a senior citizen wants the kids meal then the restaurant must still offer milk or water. Failure to do so is a violation of the law as written.

Also, a change of restaurant ownership or employees during the five year period does not reset the clock for fines.