Trump’s 2018 European Tour

Sportscaster, Howard Cosell, famously told it like it was. People either loved him or hated him, but Howard was never shy about expressing his point of view. He grew-up in New York and folks couldn’t deny his love of sports. To many of us, Howard was a big part of what made Monday Night Football a phenomenon for many decades. Howard also helped to make Muhammed Ali and Evil Knievel the household names that they were in the 1970’s.

ABC’s Howard Cosell

In the same frank, plain talking sort of way, President Donald Trump just completed a very successful trip to Europe that has folks here up in arms about nothing.

Below are what I think are the four accomplishments of this trip.

Trump took grief for allegedly insulting the Prime Minister for telling her to honor the vote of her own people and get out of the European Union; i.e. Brexit. The British leadership is feckless and frozen with fear. Trump wanted them to be decisive and act.

Trump told Germany that it was stupid to get all their country’s energy needs from Russia. If NATO was created to protect Europe from Russia then why enrich Russia with this monopolistic energy deal? It is a conflict of interest to be in NATO and have this deal with Russia at the same time.

Trump told NATO nations that they need to take an active interest in defending their countries. Most NATO countries contribute nothing and let the United States pick-up the tab for military spending that they should be paying. This was a campaign promise of Trump so why does the media and many of these nations act like this is something new? The media always bitches about the U.S. being the world’s policeman and then complains when Trump asks them to stand on their own two feet so we don’t have too. If a Democrat said this they would be cheering.

Trump met with Putin. No on mike whispering that after the next election the President would be in a better position to do favors for them like we had with Obama. The media is stuck on stupid about Russian and the election. If the Russians did anything, it was to make Hillary look bad—which only takes a mirror—but this idea that Trump and Russia collaborated to thwart the Democrats and steal the election is just sour grapes. Yes, many of us really do hate Hillary and think the only reason that she had a political career was because she slept with Bill. She has no ideas or accomplishments; she was an incompetent Secretary of State and her track record was painted red with the blood of people all over the world that died because she was/is an idiot.

President departing Air Force One

Trump had a good trip to Europe. How can you tell? Because the media and the political class are having kittens. They talk and Trump does. That ladies and gentlemen is the difference. They still can’t believe that Trump believed all that stuff he promised in the campaign and is trying to make it happen. Donald Trump, promises made, promises kept. That is how you Make America Great Again.