ESPN Promises Employee Christmas Axing

It’s earnings season for many companies and some are trying to stop the bleeding in time to affect their next quarterly reports. ESPN has done more number crunching as their viewers are still fading away and decided to ax more employees just before Christmas.

ESPN is planning another round of layoffs just six months after the network fired more than 100 employees, Sporting News reports.

Multiple sources told the sports news site that 40 to 60 people including on-air talent and radio personalities may be sent packing.

The layoffs could come as soon as late November or early December.

ESPN preparing for more layoffs, report says

Too bad they don’t quit cramming Liberal politics down viewer’s throats and just do sports. Sadly what isn’t politics these days on their network is chronicling the crime story of the day as these multimillionaire brats misbehavior on and off the field brings dishonor on the athletes that are supposed to be better than us in ways that used to be admirable.