Why Repeal and Replace Will Not Happen

Here are some quick reasons why Trump and Republican’s promise is not being kept to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Medicare was effectively abolished and rolled into Obamacare. The pyramid scheme ran out of steam. Instead of fixing it, they created a new scheme to kick the problem down the road by adding millions of young and health people into the program, thus subsidizing others. In short, Obamacare is a massive wealth transfer from those who have to those who need.

Medical providers are highly dependent on billing services to both government and insurance companies. Obamacare scrapped the previous system and replaced it with a new one. My sources tell me that software vendors are writing code two years into the future so any change today would take at least two years to roll-out. Also, previous technology is obsolete so we literally can’t go back to the old ways.

Politicians Like It
Obamacare is so far reaching that the political class can’t agree on what to keep or scrap. The only thing that they agree on is that Obamacare is crap and they will keep their insurance no matter what they mandate for the rest of us.

Unions Exempt
Democrat’s biggest donors—except for the illegal overseas contributors—are unions. All unions are exempted from Obamacare thus much of the donor base is insulated from any direct financial impact. Since most unions are either government workers or receive subsidies from government directly or via corporate welfare, rank and file don’t have to pay their fair share when compared to private sector workers.

Republicans have been lying for years that they don’t like Obamacare. Remember when Ted Cruz and company were saying during the last campaign that they would get rid of it? Truth is that there was no legislation that they believed in. It is proven by their actions now that it was all for show. The only good news is Ted at least has a bill this time. (Took him a failed presidential campaign to introduce any legislation even if it’s just symbolic.) If Republicans really had a bill they believed in like—maybe the one they kept passing when Obama was president and he kept vetoing—then we wouldn’t be in this mess today. Oh wait, those feckless guys never sent a bill to Obama to veto. Truth is they wanted the issue to campaign on but never believed they would really have the chance to fix it. Do you think for a millisecond that McCain and company thought Trump had a chance in hell against Hillary?

So what now? Look for Trump to look harder at bipartisan solutions. Trump has more reason to campaign to replace incumbent Republicans in the next election. Meanwhile, he may find working with Democrats will get him part of what he wants which is more than Republicans can deliver which is nothing. Behind the scenes Trump will be doing much that will result in meaningful change incrementally instead of in big and very public changes.