Television Is Bleeding Viewers—Part I: The NFL

ESPN reportedly lost over one million viewers in a two month span.
Link: ESPN losses 1,176,000 viewers in two months

Like ESPN, the National Football League (NFL) is bleeding viewers. Like me, many have “cut the cable” and these wizards of entertainment can’t understand why. Well, I’m here to explain it to you. I will use simple words and offend people on both Coasts just by telling the truth.

Today, I want to discuss the NFL’s loss of viewers. Does anybody in the front office ever watch their broadcasts live or just using their DVR? The NFL people have given-up on anything except short term profit, and much to their detriment. Here are some reasons why:

Many NFL games are not even available via broadcast television. They are exclusively carried by ESPN and the NFL Network. As such people like me don’t even have the option to watch Monday Night Football (or its sibling on Thursday). I really miss Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford, Don Meredith and the rest.

Many commercials during the broadcast are NC-17 and as such my son doesn’t get to watch the games. The NFL has created barriers between youth and professional football. No wonder soccer is more popular than football.

Who at CBS thinks the Zale’s commercial is ok?  You know—the one with two women walking down the aisle after being wed; let alone the barrage of Cialis and Viagra commercials. I want to be entertained when I watch a game on television not constantly embarrassed by what is spewing forth from the New York Studios. I’ve gotten to the point that when this stuff comes on, I have to see who else is in my livingroom and hope it’s not the children. (The Mute button on my remote gets utilized excessively during commercial breaks even when I’m by myself.) Those of us in “fly-over country” don’t need to be exposed to this crap and forced to endure small snippets of societal erosion of our values and attacks on our way of life. It makes me so angry.

Then there is the Colin Kaepernick hatred of America movement. The NFL shouldn’t tolerate this behavior for a millisecond.  Kaepernick and his socialist brethren should be fined and benched. PERIOD.
If life here is really so bad—because we don’t have any problem paying black men like you millions of dollars to play a stupid game every winter—then spend some of your millions and find another country because we don’t want you here if you insist acting like a petulant child. I live in the heart of 49er Country but it will be a cold day in Hell before I will root for that team as long as this jerk is in uniform. In fact, I’m still trying to get over being angry at the NFL for the way they treated Tim Tebow.

In Part II, I hope to discuss the hijacking of family programming.