The Election is Rigged! Trump was Right!

Donald Trump is correct about the election being rigged and the system being stacked against him, but not in the way you think.  The election is always rigged against the Grand Ole Party; and at every level too!  The Blog Father had a thought provoking post Wednesday this week, and if you missed it you should scroll down and take a look, it’s worth the read!

Today I want to focus on the national election.  As all our readers are aware, the deceased always turn out in record numbers to vote Democrat during election season. As some operatives would say “It’s not over until the dead people’s votes are counted”.  This has been going on for years and no one in the Grand Ole Party or specifically CRA wants to do anything about it.
Period end of that conversation.

(For those too young to remember, in the 1960 Presidential race, John F Kennedy beat Richard Nixon with the votes of the dead from Chicago. Hence the saying, “In Chicago, when you die, you don’t quit voting, you just switch parties”—editor)

Next, I want to talk about the media completely ignoring the WikiLeaks document dumps and perhaps more harshly, the double talk and backroom dealings regarding our likely next president, Hillary Rotten Clinton.  Honestly, the media has ignored all of this like it never even happened.  The irony is that they have had a front row seat to the whole thing. Even more disturbing they are in on it.

Donna Brazile, while working as a CNN host, actually emailed questions from a supposed “town hall meeting” to Hillary’s handlers before the questions were even asked.  This isn’t even a case of crooked media or handling a candidate with kid gloves, this stuff is exactly how a corrupt country like Russia holds elections!  If I were Trump, during Wednesday’s debate, I would have interrupted moderator Chris Wallace and said, “Chris, let’s stop with the hard questions and get to the ones Donna Brazile sent her please.”  Then look into the camera and say, “Rigged election folks!”
Game, set, and match.

Perhaps more disturbing, the media is running with this story of all these woman who have come forward accusing Trump of sexual harassment or assault.  Trump has been asked over and over since the infamous tape he and Billy Bush were on making locker room talk about these women.  His response has been the same the entire time, I have never met any of them, and I do not know who they are.  Yet the media keeps asking; moderators at debates keep asking; it’s literally insanity!

Just think about it for half a second. If this stuff were true, Jeb Bush or some other establishment guy would have crucified Trump with it before the Presidential Primaries ever started.

X believes these women didn’t ever meet Trump, EVER!  I firmly believe these women were hired by that thug, and that’s what he is a thug, that lowlife democrat scum who hired the rabble-rousers to raise holy hell at the Trump rallies.  That’s right, the media took a fake story from democrat pro-Clinton operatives and ran with it.

Please notice the timing. Coincidence? I think not. Trump started doing better in polls and especially with women so the media had to dump a phony narrative on him to slow his momentum.

Which brings me to my next point about the corrupt election…….Robert Creamer and his braying lowlife associate Scott Foval.  These are the two morons that hired thugs to go to Trump rallies and start fights with the intention of creating a narrative that Republicans are a bunch of hooligans.  How is it that the media has not reported on this at all? Both men claimed to be employees/contractors of the Democrat National Committee and for the Clinton campaign, but again no mention by the media about this incident.

CNN, also known here as the Clinton News Network, through wannabe journalist Anderson Cooper, actually tried to blame film maker James O’Keefe saying that recording people secretly is a felony.  Cooper is somewhat correct, but he—like the media—enjoys duping people so let’s set the record straight about these two braying lowlifes.  Foval is a career staffer with the democrat party.  Judging by the video (which X has seen in entirety) he doesn’t seem very bright at all. He basically spilled the beans to an undercover person that he barely knows.  Hence X cannot call him an empty suit as that would be a disservice to clothes hangers.

Now on to the braying lowlife known as Robert Creamer.  Creamer is married to Chicago Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky. Yeah, go figure. A guy who hired thugs is from Chicago right?  Creamer also spent time in jail due to voter fraud, once again….Chicago, shocking!  He also visited the White House over 300 times since Barack Obama has been president.  Shocking! Even more so because Obama has made the visitor logs at the White House private.  No chance Obama ever met with this guy because as you recall, President Obama—who sat in Reverend Wright’s church for decades—was suspiciously absent when Wright ranted about god damning America.

Chicago style politics…rigging our elections…like I stated earlier…Trump was right, he just phrased it all wrong.

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Author: Mr. X

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