Communist California Wants to Control your Retirement Savings Now

Fellow readers, X made the long drive from his underground bunker to meet the Blog Father, the great William, for lunch at an undisclosed location.  Upon approaching the counter to place an order, both X and said Blog Father realized neither had a working credit card. Apparently both of us bank at Wells Fargo, or maybe Wells Fargo’s bankers bank with us?  Anyway, we had to settle this one way or another. Since neither of us are republicans or CRA members and we wished a resolution and not a filibuster, we decided to play; rock, paper, scissors.  The clash was epic! What started as best out of 3 eventually became best out of a 100.  As the competition increased, the crowd was chanting, and people began placing side bets. This led to confrontations amongst the spectators.  Glasses were thrown, a small child was hit by a cheese quesadilla, the margarita machine broke, and the salsa bar was in shambles!  Finally X lost and was forced to pay the bill with an IOU, and his girlfriend behind the counter broke up with him!

Finally, the commotion settled down and we sat down for lunch. During our meal, the conversation turned to discussing the various bills making their way to Chairman Jerry Brown’s desk in Sacramento.  One that stood out to both X and the Blog Father was a bill designed to force small businesses to set up retirement plans for their employees!  By the way, California defines a small business as a shop with as many as 100 employees.  Here is an excerpt of the bill,

California: Lawmakers just passed a bill that, if signed by Gov. Jerry Brown, will go into effect Jan. 1, 2017 and require a business with five or more workers, and no retirement plan, to participate in a new payroll-deduction savings program run by the state. The money will go into individual retirement accounts (IRAs) managed by a state-picked financial company. Larger companies with 100 or more workers will have to comply first. They will have one year from the time enrollment opens to sign up their workers or set up their own plan. Businesses with 50 to 99 employees will have two years after enrollment opens and small businesses with 5 to 59 workers will have three years to comply.

Yes this is the new Ponzi scheme to stave off bankruptcy folks. Just as state sponsored pension plans begin to dry up and ungrateful SEIU workers are threatening a strike and demanding a 22% pay hike, the state now wants to balance the budget literally on the backs of working people.

Anyone want to take bets on whether or not this money will be diverted to cover current pension costs?  Social security redux is what X calls this.

But have no fear, the republican groups in California will take up our cause, right?  If nothing else, they are the loyal opposition, aren’t they? Is the defense being led by the two idiot brothers with the no impact republicans?  The State run California GOP? The do nothing group of clowns sometimes referred to as the TEA Party?  Anyone in the assembly or state senate?  Figures the CRA isn’t leading on this one, I heard the Ted Cruz for President 2020 committee recently began campaigning.

Herein lies the problem faithful followers, the people who create jobs or want to create jobs continue to have their hands tied by government red tape and other so called good laws to help the working man.  Why would anyone want to open a small business in California?  Honestly I will hang up and listen on this one.  Could you imagine trying to run a fast food restaurant; dealing with staffing, quality control, inventory, payroll, and now this state run Ponzi scheme?  (Laws like this make replacing people with automation cheaper every day.) Talk about a cluster flip!

Here is the bottom line and the dirty little secret folks; the Republican Party does not oppose bills like this nor do they want to put up an alternative.  All the local CRA units and central committees want to do is keep the same family dynasties in office and allow them to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic every election.  It’s sad to watch… A member gets into the state senate, then runs for something statewide to boost name ID and raise money, loses, then runs for re-election, terms out, then runs for Board of Equalization, then runs for county supervisor, ad infinitum. Meanwhile, the lemmings over at CRA worship these clowns like they are the Messiah resurrected. Sad state of affairs folks! Thankfully for our dedicated reader base, X and William will not allow these bills to be signed into law or propositions go unchecked and under the radar ever again.

But for some modicum of good news, I heard through the grape vine CRA is chartering a new unit in South Watts!

Until next time “X”

PS “X” stuck William with the bill and there is no word on the wellbeing of said small child hit by the flying discus.

Author: Mr. X

The man with no name.