Brexit Vote

Great Britain has just voted to leave the European Union. I think the main reasons were immigration and money.

Vote totals from BBC

In a formerly Christian nation that is now overrun with immigrants that support jihad and Sharia Law, I’m not surprised. Mohammed has been the number one boys name in that country for many years now. The only way to counter Islam is with Christianity. Secular Humanism and its values of equality of worldviews and pluralism can never defeat Islam. In a nation that has forgotten God, Brexit is too little too late. It may slow the Islamization of Britain but only a wholesale return to Christ can change their fate.

Germany and Great Britain have been bankrolling the EU for many years now. With Britain out, the entire EU is in danger of collapsing. Germany’s bail-outs of Greece and other nations places them on dangerous financial footing and Brexit may be hard for them to absorb.

Look for financial markets to dive on Friday as uncertainty prevails. Why people in American financial circles didn’t see this coming is beyond me. (Wishful thinking or too many Democrats on Wall Street?)

I’ve expected Brexit to win for a few weeks now. People are unhappy with status quo politicians that won’t protect their citizens from internal and external threats. Call it the Trump phenomenon if you will but it is real. Maybe as a result, we will get to see how bad government leaders have been cooking the economic books.

“May you live in interesting times” is a phrase that comes to mind.