Hightail Update

I received several phone calls and emails as a result of the revelation that all CRA records were wiped by George Park. I keep recalling Aaron’s claim that they have superior intellect since they have been trained in the financial services industry. Yeah, right.

My nagging question from yesterday is why were any of these accounts set-up using personal email addresses? The data belongs to CRA not George. Why not use Membership@ CRAGOP.org or something like that. My blog site comes with 100 email accounts and I’m sure the CRA site includes many email accounts as well. It’s not that hard to find, but I did alter George’s email address in the entries below.

Oh, I have confirmation that the Hightail account was approved by the CRA Board and paid for by CRA—not George Park. The account was paid thru July 2015. Furthermore, George was not authorized by the Board to delete records or post anything to his personal Dropbox account.

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Deleting the Hightail Lite Account was completely unnecessary.
From Hightail:  How-to-Remove-or-Cancel-a-Free-Account

Hightail currently does not provide an online option to permanently delete a free Lite account.  While we will accommodate requests made through a support ticket, we HIGHLY recommend not having your account deleted.  Removing your account will delete all account history and all files stored immediately, and there are no recovery options.  The free Lite account has no billing associated with it whatsoever, so even if you don’t have the need right now for your account you will never be charged and can simply use it at your convenience.
If you choose to have your Free Lite account permanently deleted:
Please email Support@hightail,com from the accounts email address you would like to have removed. We will email you a confirmation and a reply must be sent back from the registered email address to confirm the cancellation.

Note that George had to go out of his way to delete the Hightail Lite Account.
Our correspondence with Hightail Customer Service:

Hello Tom,

I just spoke with Alice and wanted to provide more clarity. The account that was originally registered to: gparkjr@…. was cancelled as requested by George on 4/30 and then the free LITE account was deleted per his request. For your records here is the email:

Brian C. Sahagun Apr 30 10:07 pm
Hello George,

Thank you for contacting Hightail, we appreciate your email.

Per your request your account under: gparkjr@…. has been removed from our system.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist you, we are here for you.

Thank you,
Brian Sahagun
Hightail Customer Support

To get answers to your common question please visit us at http://www.hightail.zendesk.com

gparkjr Apr 30 02:20 pm
I have removed or already retrieved copies of all the files I need from this account. I have cancelled the subscription plan as well. Please delete the free account effective immediately and delete all data that my be left in the account immediately.

At this point since the account was deleted from our system the files have all been removed from our servers as well so there is no way for us to retrieve them at this point.

Please let me know if there is anything further I can do to assist you, we are here for you.

Best regards,

Shelly Maynard
Manager, Customer Services

NEWS FLASH!!!  The Parks Are Lying, again.  Okay, that really isn’t news to anyone at this point.  We were told by Mailchimp that a user had deleted the lists, campaigns and templates from within the account.  Furthermore, closing the account was unnecessary.  Mailchimp allows a user to pause its monthly billing up to twice a year and there is no limit to the length of time an account can stay paused.  This would have given the CRA Board time to consider options regarding our email program while keeping the lists, campaigns and templates in place.
From Mailchimp:  Pause Monthly Billing

Before You Pause Billing
MailChimp offers a couple of ways to change your monthly billing options. If you know you won’t be sending any campaigns for a short period of time, but you need to retain access to the other data and features in the account, you can Pause billing. You won’t be able to send campaigns or tests, but you can design and preview campaigns and templates as usual, and you can purchase Inbox Inspections as needed.
As soon as you pause, sending for the account is turned off and the current billing period ends. There is no limit on the length of time an account can stay paused, but because the Monthly Plan is a discount program that isn’t designed to be frequently turned off and on, you can pause only twice a year. This limit allows us to accommodate seasonal senders, while still keeping things affordable for everyone and continuing to roll out great features.
List management continues while your account is paused, so your list may grow or shrink during the time your account is paused. New subscribers will receive confirmation and Welcome emails.

Aaron and George are intellectual and technological idiots if they think they can get away with this stuff and not leave a wide trail of evidence behind.  They are either delusional or hubris has gotten the better of them.
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