Who’s Being Frank?

On April 30, 2015, Aaron Park posts an “Apology to Steve Frank”

“I think I owe Steve Frank … an apology.”

“Yeah – I screwed Steve Frank … over…”

“For that, I apologize to Steve Frank…”

Two days later, May 2, 2015, Aaron is singing a different tune. Park in now accusing Steve Frank of extortion.

Why? Steve Frank sent a private email to John Briscoe about the Parks releasing personally identifiable information, then Aaron gets a copy of the email, posts it on his blog, and says, “Where I come from – we call this extortion.”

Frank is a personal friend of one of the folks that had their banking information published on the Internet from April 17 to April 24. Per California and from what I can ascertain, Federal law, CRA is obligated to report that private information was released, notify the individuals, etc.

Mr. Frank is trying to give John Briscoe—who per his resignation letter is CRA President until his two weeks is up—an opportunity to do the right thing. Clearly John has no interest in this or he wouldn’t forward this private communication to the Parks.

Park concludes his blog by saying, “…you read it here first!”

Sorry Aaron. I published this here on April 26th.

Furthermore, said act of releasing personal information has been reported to the FBI, Attorney General of the State of California, and local law enforcement. Some media outlets are also aware of this situation. This too is a fact and one that CRA does not take seriously.


The question is not whether this has been reported to the FBI, because I know it has. The issue is that CRA has not been the ones doing the reporting. Both John Briscoe and Tom Hudson have failed to express a willingness to do their duty under the law and report this. They may not like it, but it’s part of the job as President of a corporation.

On this blog, I keep using the phrases “fiduciary responsibility” and “a reasonable person” for a reason. These are legal terms. And whether by criminal or civil action, I think that the four of you (Park, Park, Briscoe, & Hudson) will be hearing that phrase a lot more sometime soon.

That Steve Frank is acting in a caring way for a friend should be praised not ridiculed. Steve has been patiently trying to give CRA time to distance themselves from the actions of the Parks but CRA has not moved. I think May 30th will be too late to avoid implicating the whole Board.