Park Family Shakedown: Money, Blogs, and Phony Members

In my last blog, we established that the dictionary definition of fraud involves intentionally or knowingly deceive or cheat, in order to cause some financial detriment to another and to engender personal financial gain.

And that got me to thinking. In his posts, Aaron often tells us more about his motivations than he actually does about the actions of others. Rush Limbaugh has the same observation about Democrats. They accuse others of what actually motivates them.

Over the last few weeks, Aaron’s whole campaign is that everyone in CRA commits fraud and only he and George can protect CRA from this evil. After posting my blog last night, I got to thinking about fraud and the Parks and the one name popped into my head and I said “gotcha.” That name is Igor Birman.

As we all know, much of the animosity that Aaron has with Nevada Republican Assembly concerns the endorsement or rather non-endorsement of Tom McClintock prior to the June election last year. Nevada RA thinks Tom McClintock is a rock solid conservative and Aaron helped to block McClintock’s endorsement by the local CRA endorsing convention. This was the “local” endorsing convention held at the CRA convention in southern California—the better part of 400 miles from CD-4. As you recall, John Briscoe was not happy with the result and had the CRA Board pass a resolution thanking Tom for being a great Conservative at the Board meeting on March 15, 2014 in Burlingame last year.

At the same time Aaron is going out of his way to throw “bricks” at Tom McClintock, Aaron is on his blog singing the praises of McClintock’s Chief of Staff, Igor Birman, who is running for congress in a neighboring Congressional District. On his blog, Aaron proclaimed over and over that Igor was the only true conservative in the race. The other conservative, Elizabeth Emken, was constantly portrayed by Park as a RINO despite the fact she was in agreement with Birman on most issues.

Can you see the logical dilemma here?
Igor’s claim to fame and qualification to run for Congress is his association with McClintock.
Simultaneously Park denies McClintock’s endorsement by CRA because McClintock is unfit.

How can both be true? What is the difference?


It is no secret that Park accepts money from candidates for favorable treatment on his blog. It also may be the case that refusal to utilize his “consulting services” might create unfavorable treatment on the blog.

But in the case of Birman there was more at work than favorable treatment on a blog.

During the same period of time that Park was singing the praises of Birman, a CRA chapter in the district in which Birman was campaigning experienced a sudden and unexplained growth spurt. This growth was so remarkable that at the March 2014 board meeting in Burlingame, George Park sang their praises as the largest percentage of growth in all of California. In fact, the Sacramento Republican Assembly doubled in membership in the first part of 2014.

Let’s look at this growth:
• None of these new members ever attended a meeting before joining.
• Only about two ever came to a meeting after joining. Both were associated with Birman.
• All paid cash for their memberships.
• No dues or membership applications were submitted to club officers. Not the President, VP, Secretary, or Treasurer.
• All money and membership applications were reportedly give directly to George Park.
• Park does not live or work in Sacramento County. The new members reportedly went to the offices of Park Family Insurance to pay their dues.
• This happened over 25 times.
• When Birman came in third in June, all these folks simply vanished.

The SRA membership drive seemed like an aborted effort to insure that Birman’s campaign had a stranglehold on the chapter for the purposes of an endorsement. If the newly created Investigative Committee wants to find some real fraud, I suggest that they dig into this matter.

When it comes to the Parks and fraud, Methinks thou dost protest too much.