Crossing the Rubicon

Once upon a time, a “third rate burglary” –a crime of little importance—brought down a US President and his closest advisors. Why? It wasn’t the crime but the cover-up that created the legal difficulties that eventually send many to prison and forced Richard M. Nixon to resign.

Is history about to repeat itself because some can’t learn from its lessons?

I think Aaron Park’s posting of financial information on the Internet on April 17th is bringing about the same phenomenon. CRA’s leadership has become complicit by their conspiracy of silence on this matter. The Board Members of CRA are personally liable for any criminal or civil fines brought as a result of Park’s actions.

I would think in a state were Democrats dominate all parts of government that a Republican group would need to act in a manner above reproach but maybe that’s just me.

Mr. Park knew it was wrong so he created a second file and linked it to his blog on April 20th. This is called an admission against interest. He knew what he did was wrong but will not own up to it.
Original file Ventura-RA-Documents.pdf
New file Ventura-RA-Documents1.pdf

As I have written elsewhere, the top two leaders in CRA have chosen to do nothing to remedy this situation or to make restitution to the five people whose information is still on the web a week later.

Furthermore, I think it is clear that the CRA Board has “crossed the Rubicon” because they too have known about this and failed to act. As a group, they seem to be fine with ignoring the moral and legal obligation to right this wrong.

CRA keeps calling itself the conscience of the Republican Party. I think CRA has a severe case of Alzheimer disease and can only remember the glory days of old that never were. The legislature is about to make euthanasia legal, maybe CRA should be the first to exercise this new rite in California.

A Board member has contacted me to dispute my attack on the Board as a whole. He states that the Board has done the only thing they can do under the Bylaws which is to call a meeting. Outside of a formal meeting only the President can act on behalf of the CRA.