Frank Recants CRA Resignation: Clarifies Tantrum

After declaring that he is through with CRA and screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’; Steve Frank failed to complete his stated mission of jihad on Saturday.

Sunday from his recovery room he released yet another tirade. Below are the portions relevant to his aborted resignation.

I am a CRA Senate District Director—I have resigned as that.  Why?  Because I am also a CRA Past President and can have only one vote at a convention.  So, like I did two years ago before the CRA convention, I resigned as Senate District Director so someone can replace me.

OK Steve, no place in your rant—see post below—did you qualify what you were resigning from, it was I’m moving on; CRA has forsaken its values and I’m moving onto somewhere where I can do more good. You dissed the organization as a whole.

Later in the message he continued:

While I will not be active in CRA—do I really want to continue internal fights that take energy and resources from defeating liberals and Democrats? (I will continue my CRA membership)
Instead I will:
*continue publishing our CRA principles and values in my newsletter every day
*continue doing several radio shows each week promoting our CRA principles and values.
*continue speaking 2-3 times each week around the State to conservative groups and monthly debate liberals on our CRA values and principles.
These are positive things for CRA. AND I WILL ONLY DO POSITIVE THINGS FOR CRA.

Steve, the big issue that folks have with you and many Republicans is not what you say; it’s what you do and how you do it. It’s the backroom, back-stabbing, always calculating for advantage that folks have against you. You’re not sure you can win in a fair fight so you find ways of putting your thumb on the scales just to make sure you win. Can you say, “Santa Clarita?”

I’m glad to see that you are turning over a new leaf and promising from now on that “I will only do positive things for CRA”. Unfortunately old habits die hard. We will see if you continue you old ways or do better. I think it more likely that you are sorry you got caught, than sorry for what you have done.