California Government Threatens Public Safety

California is trying to confiscate virtually all firearms owned by law abiding folks in the State while simultaneously releasing more than 33,000 prisoners that have not served their sentences back into the world. In addition, at the same time the prisoners are being freed, there are massive layoffs of parole officers and closures of parole offices. Below is a partial list of the parole closures. This is done under the guise of consolidation.

Information Bulletin Numbers
13-01:  Announcing Activation of the Los Angeles Global Positioning System District & Consolidation of Parole Districts in Region III
13-02:  Announcing Relocation of Pasadena Parole Units 1 and 3 in Region III
13-03:  Announcing Relocation of Board of Parole Hearings, Sacramento Decentralized Revocation Unit
13-04:  Announcing Intent to Reorganize and Consolidate Parole Districts Within Region IV
13-05:  Announcing Closure of the Oroville Parole Unit in Region I
13-06:  Announcing Closure of the San Leandro Parole Unit in Region II
13-07:  Announcing Closure of the Modesto 1 Parole Unit in Region 1
13-08:  Announcing Closure of the Buena Park Parole Unit in Region IV
13-09:  Announcing Closure of the Orange 2 Parole Unit in Region IV
13-11:  Announcing Closure of the Pasadena 3 Parole Unit in Region III
13-12:  Announcing Closure of the Fresno 3 Parole Unit in Region 1
13-13:  Announcing Closure of the Fresno 1 Parole Unit in Region 1
13-14:  Announcing Closure of the Fresno 4 Parole Unit in Region 1
13-15:  Announcing Closure of the Fresno 8 Parole Unit in Region 1
13-16:  Announcing Closure of the Pomona 2 Parole Unit in Region IV
13-17:  Announcing Relocation of the Fullerton Parole Unit in Region IV
13-18:  Announcing Relocation of the Long Beach 1 Parole Unit in Region IV

The parole and correctional officers are being eliminated in layoff “Waves”. Currently the Department of Corrections is wrapping up Wave 3. There are six scheduled waves of layoffs within the department. It is logical that more people on parole and less folks to keep tabs on them means more crimes committed. Also, many that violate parole are not being arrested because there is no place to keep them. With this crappy economy what are the employment prospects for folks with a criminal record?

Additionally, California has already gutted the juvenile system. Only two facilities are still running statewide all others have been closed. Instead, juvenile offenders are being placed in your community in group homes. There is no requirement to inform local law enforcement or neighborhoods when one of these homes in opened in your community.

Conclusion: you are less safe with Jerry Brown as governor because there are more criminals at large that are unsupervised and you don’t have the right to defend yourself or your family.