Obama Nation

Rev Jeremiah Wright once preached that God should damn the United States. Well he got his wish. That is how I would describe the coming presidency of Barack Obama. Death, chaos and destruction are what he has promised and I fully expect him to keep his promise.

Abortion and infanticide will be better funded by the government as they continue Margaret Sanger’s dream of eliminating poverty by purging blacks from society by never allowing them to be born.

The economy will be ravaged by excessive and oppressive taxation and regulation. Government spending will soar to heights never seen before. More and more of the economy will be controlled by the government.

Less individual freedom and liberty will exist. Religious persecution will be more common especially for those who stand for traditional morality. Look for government to take children away from their parents for having wrong beliefs on issues like homosexuality. Private schools will come under more government control and homeschoolers will be targeted by public schools and teacher’s unions as threats to the State.

The most long lasting damage to society will be the flood of judicial appointments that Obama will make. I expect government to remove any pretext of following the Constitution as judicial legislation will become the norm under Obama.
The country will never recover from the turbulent times that we are about to enter.

Look for Obama to mandate two years of service for all young people either during high school or between high school and college. The Obama Youth Corps will be modeled after a similar European group from the last century. I’m sure they will get extra points or promotions for turning in their parents.

I have told my sister that as soon as Texas leaves the Union we will move there but her response was only laughter. Living under President Obama is not funny, it scares the hell out of me. The world is a much more dangerous place with him in the White House.