Slow Joe for VP?

Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham and the rest of the talk show conservatives are giving each other high fives as Barack Obama makes yet another stupid decision today. Going with Senator Joe Biden is such a dumb move that Obama is all but finished. The only prayer of winning that he has is if John McCain were tone-deaf enough to name a pro-abortion running mate.

Biden represents everything that is wrong with the current political establishment and he has more negative bagage than John Kerry. Any doubts that Obama is an elitist have vanished.

The only up side for Obama is that Biden has the capability of saying stupider things than he does, thus making Obama look better.

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Dedicated Christian that has experienced many facets of Christendom thru the years. Father of three and husband of but one wife. William has over 27 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping. He has worked for both government & private sector entities. His private sector background includes many years working in commercial and residential construction environments. Unlike most folks, this experience includes signing the front of the check, not just the back. Books that matter: Kingdom of the Cults by Walter Martin, Christian Reconstruction by R.J. Rushdooney, Days of Vengeance by David Chilton, Genesis Flood by Whitcomb & Morris, Evidence that Demands a Verdict by Josh McDowell; Political: currently, No Party Preference, recovering Republican involved at county and State level, participated in many campaigns and conventions, periodic CRA member since early days of Barbara Alby; Education: Nuclear Reactor Operator--US Navy, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelor's Degree in Government, Microsoft Certified System's Engineer, CompTIA Network Plus and A Plus certifications, and various post graduate classes.

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