What’s Next for Schwarzenegger

I heard an old preacher say that “when you get saved you don’t quit dancing, you just change partners.” Perhaps this explains the behavior of Governor Schwarzenegger. For the last few years he has been walking away from the Republican Party and squarely into the company of the Democrats. Maybe not the Looney Left, but clearly he has moved in their direction.

Yesterday, it was reported that Senator Diane Feinstein will not be attending the Democrat Convention in Denver. Today, I read that Arnold will be skipping the lovefest in the Twin Cities with John McCain. Yesterday, I also heard media accounts that the good Senator may not run for re-election but instead run for Governor in 2010.

Arnold and Diane are now at about in the same place politically now so why not? Rumors have been swirling for years that Arnold might run for Senate and here is his chance. No incumbent in the seat and large campaign coffers so why not? He can probably buy the office if he throws a few crumbs to the union thugs.

Therefore, look for Feinstein to switch jobs with Schwarzenegger in 2010. By then there will be a need for a new Kennedy in the Senate. The big question is what will Arnold’s political affiliation be in two more years?