LightScribe: Next Generation Disc Labels

During my efforts to recover from my computer woes around the first of the year, I decided that I needed the ability to backup larger files than my DVD burner could copy onto a single disc. So I decided to price recorders that could support the dual layer, 8.5-gigabyte discs. After I started looking, I come across a DVD-R that has LightScribe written on the box. Curious I found their website and took a look.

LightScribe is a technology that allows you to use your DVD burner to laser etch labels onto the discs that you make at home. This means no more paper labels or Sharpies are needed to know what’s on your disc. Use you label creation program that is bundled with your burner; simply create a label for your disc, and place disc into your burner upside-down and print. The labels are black writing etched into a gold foil label embedded in the DVD or CD. This technology is supported by Roxio Easy Media Creator and Nero software.

LightScribe requires special hardware, software and LightScribe enabled discs to operate. The DVD-R drive that I purchased was from the local Staples store for 79.95 plus tax. My LightScribe burner is made by I/O Magic and was bundled with Nero 6. As it turns out, the LightScribe drivers are embedded into the Nero software and cannot be installed separately. My Roxio software supports LightScribe but would not work until I had installed the Nero program that was bundled with the drive.

I have found that the LightScribe discs are made for CD’s and 8x (4.3 GB) DVDs. The best prices I have found thus far are at my local Wal-Mart.

You can us any background image that you want to create the label but remember that your end product will be in a single color so there are limits to your creativity.

After the label is created in your computer, place disc label side down into your burner. Close door and the go to print in you label program. You will then be able to select your burner as a print device. Select Best print quality and then print label. In about 25 minutes you will have a disc with a laser-etched label.

This is a system that works just like it is advertised. I recommend that you get LightScribe enabled burners for your next computer upgrade. Best of all, it works wonderfully on my 64 bit Windows XP system.

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