Islamic Cartoons

This is one of the phoniest issues that I have ever seen. These cartoons were published in September of 2005 and are just now getting protested.

If you want to know the truth just follow the money to see who is financing the �brute squads� terrorizing embassies and burning flags. Syria has already been fingered as a major backer of these attackers. I’m sure Sandi Arabic and Iran are also kicking-in a few Rupees to stir things-up.

The cartoons can be views at HumanEventsOnline

I agree that supporters of the Global War on Terror are using the cartoons to make the natives restless; but this is the same type of tactics that these repressive governments have used for years to blame Israel for all their self-inflicted ills. To wait five months to mount a campaign against the newspapers that published these cartoons is proof that this is a staged event.

These protests also serve to silence what few moderate Muslims there are in the region.

These protests are really a preemptive step to unify the region to raise the stakes to the point that Israel and/or the United States will loose their backbone and not attack the nuclear program in Iran because such an attack could escalate into a regional war. From this perspective, the events that are unfolding now are a brilliant political move. Truly, the chessmasters are putting their pawns in play.

Of all the cartoons, the one above is my favorite.

It does bring to mind one question that I have never heard explained and that is what are the women who blow-up innocent men, women and children supposed to get from Allah in the next life?

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