San Francisco Cops Suspended for Videos

Twenty San Francisco police officers have been suspended for making a series of short videos that poke fun at themselves. Many of the videos were shot for a retirement party for one of their fellow officers.

The skits are mild and mostly inside jokes for officers at the Bayview Station. This station serves Hunter’s Point. For those not familiar with Hunters Point, it is a ghetto area that makes Oak Park in Sacramento look like a workers paradise.

Mayor Gavin Newsom and police chief Heather Fong are just fit to be tied. They are treating this like Rodney King II.

Five of these videos were shown at a press conference yesterday and can be found at this link.

This stuff is too mild to make Mad TV. If the Mayor and Chief Fong are wound that tight then they need to find a new line of work. Being a police officer in San Francisco is one of the most stressful jobs anybody could have especially anywhere near Hunters Point. If officers want to blow-off some steam on their free time then they have that right.

Elected officials should support their officers and give them every benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately, those in San Francisco always start with the assumption that law enforcement officers are wrong and then just debate their punishment. It is time for the police to standup to these spineless bureaucrats.