Christ Inconveniences Church

I have often defined Revival as being when the Church is culturally relevant. The opposite of this is if someone padlocked your church doors would your community notice? With Christmas falling on a Sunday this year we may finally get a definitive answer to the question when many of the so called mega churches have decreed that there will be no services on Christmas Sunday this year.

This is such a capitulation to modern culture that it is inexcusable. When the traditions of our society are so important that the Church decrees that the light of the gospel should be extinguished or at least hidden under the bushel basket and away from those that need it, these churches have left the orthodox and biblical reservation.

Christmas and Easter are the focal points of our faith. We all have our way of spending these holidays with family but to simply lock the door and say there is no room at the inn is blasphemous. Yes, many in your church may be out of town or spending the day with family but for a church of several thousand members to simply cancel worship is wrong.

What happened to the promise of Jesus that wherever two or more are gathered in his name he is in their midst? Who changed it to two or three thousand?

A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand. This is true for Christs kingdom as well as Satan’s. Any church that is closed on Sunday just because they dont want the inconvenience of getting dressed and going across town on Christmas Day is a church without a wholesome spiritual foundation regardless of the number of members.

Will they start closing church for Easter and the Super Bowl next? Will your church be closed for Spring Break if you live in a tourist area? This appears to be the logic of a business venture not a body of believers building the kingdom of God one soul at a time.

At a time when many of us want to put the Christ back into Christmas, some churches are so busy that they don’t have time to spend with their Lord. If your church is one of these that have no time to spend with Jesus when we celebrate his birth—then do the rest of us a favor and leave the building locked for good. I bet your community wont even notice that youre church is gone.