Boundary County Sheriff’s Race Update April 5, 2024

This will be brief update.

The biggest news of the past few days is the Dave Schuman has retired as a deputy sheriff. This has been directly linked to the state investigation which was being conducted into some aspect of his official conduct. I have not heard that he has suspended his campaign or dropped out of the race. Dave’s retirement has been gleefully reported several times on local Facebook pages.

Dave Schuman

Concurrent with Dave’s retirement, Travis Stolley has released a happy family man ad. OK, technically, it’s an endorsement letter on Stolley’s behalf authored by a friend.

Jon VanGesen is conducting many “meet and greet” events in various parts of the county. It has been Jon’s practice during the campaign to release a weekly calendar of events showing his availability and opportunities to interact with the public.

Most recent calendar from VanGesen

My last comment is that unlike my former state of residence, there does not seem to be any government generated paperwork related to the election process. No sample ballots, no info on polling places, no arguments on ballot propositions, etc. I’ll keep you updated if I hear more on this aspect of elections. I was warned by a friend in Nampa (north of Boise) that there is a lack of voter information prior to elections.