400 Thousand Reasons

I was minding my own business yesterday when this article showed up in my mailbox. The title was so dumb I just about skipped it. However, since the first sentence of the article was, “California is where freedom goes to die,” I took a further look. A few paragraphs in was this nugget:

There are more than 400,000 business-related regulations on the state’s books…

About Last Week… ‘Please tread on me’

And with that fact, you need read no further to know its time to leave California.

Please note that the people who have not left are largely OK with the tyranny and love being in “Trashworld”.

An exception is the people featured in the film series “Red, White, and Blueprint”.

It’s a ten episode series about folks fighting the Tyranny of Covid lockdowns in Redding California. I never heard about it while I was living in the Sacramento area but it’s a heck of a tale. I saw an edited version of the first four episodes at the local John Birch Society meeting last night. The next four episodes are slated for the next meeting. Note that unlike CRA meetings, this group starts promptly at 6 pm and is done by 7:30 each and every time.

The short version is that folks in Redding were mad that the county (Shasta) shutdown for Covid, told its citizens that wanted to open businesses and schools to go to hell, and then doubled-down on strangling the county’s economic activity. The citizens decided to recall the county supervisors and went to war with the establishment.

The Birch folks were holding this group in California as a model for the rest of us to take control of local government. Not having lived in California, they don’t understand how rare and exceptional the circumstances were that allowed the citizens to fight back. Sadly, what happened in Redding was a case of the conservatives going to war with RINOs and their Democrat allies. Shasta County voter registration is reportedly two-thirds Republican.

I recommend the series but caution you that your mileage may vary when trying to replicate reforming government. If you pick up the torches and pitchforks remember that you are making a lifetime commitment. If you ever claim victory and go home, your state will be worse than having never fought the fight. Just ask a CRA member if you can find one. They once owned the California GOP. Or look at the recall of Gavin Newsom. The recall failed and Gavin is untouchable. The recall’s final result may very well be his eventual ticket to the White House.