Haley’s Hail Mary Hopes Hammered

Yep, as we all know, Nikki Haley was ended in New Hampshire. Even after Democrats went all-in on their version of Operation Chaos. Heck, Joe Biden wasn’t even on the ballot in the Granite State. The faithful on the Dem side had to write him in on their ballot.

All you need to know about this race is the following:

Trump easily outpaced Haley among registered Republicans (+42 points).

Fox News Voter Analysis: Trump tops Haley in New Hampshire

The mainstream media would like a GOP horserace for ratings and so they can ignore Trump, but the reality is that Haley has no path forward and never did.

In New Hampshire, unaffiliated voters – those not registered with a partisan affiliation – can participate in primary elections, and these voters were the main reason the race in the Granite State was tighter than in Iowa. Unaffiliated voters made up slightly less than half of the electorate (47%), and broke for Haley by 26 points.

Since Trump is the Republican Nominee, it matters not what Independents or Democrats want.

In the end, much of Haley’s support came from voters outside the GOP mainstream. Just over half of her supporters (52%) backed Joe Biden in the 2020 election, while 32% voted for Trump. The vast majority (90%) of Trump’s backers in the primary voted for him four years ago.

Those who considered themselves part of the Make America Great Again movement went overwhelmingly for Trump (+77 points), while non-MAGA voters backed Haley by 52 points.

All told, three-quarters (77%) of Haley voters said they would not vote for Trump in November; 51% of his voters felt the same way about her.

Much of Haley’s voter support was a vote against Trump and not an affirmative vote for her or her policies. Most Haley supporters will vote for Biden in November no matter what candidate the Republicans select. Nikki Haley is not a GOP candidate but the candidate of RINOs and Democrats. To appropriate a quote from a Sylvester Stallone movie, Nikki and her ilk are the disease and Trump is the cure.