Biden Endorses Newsom

Yep, while China’s leader was in San Francisco the other day, Joe Biden paid him a visit and endorsed Gavin Newsom for President. As is usual, I think Joe shot-off his mouth and gave away part of the Democrat playbook for 2024.

“I want to talk about Governor Newsom. I want to thank him. He’s been one hell of a governor, man,” Biden said Wednesday during a welcome reception for Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders in San Francisco. “Matter of fact, he could be anything he wants. He could have the job I’m looking for.”

Biden’s eyebrow-raising comment was made at “the most significant event with world leaders in San Francisco in recent history,” according to the APEC 2023 website for the event.

Newsom recently elevated rumors of running a “shadow campaign” amid trips to Israel amid its war with Hamas, before heading to China late last month to meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Biden reveals who he thinks ‘could have the job’ he’s running for as 2024 ‘shadow campaign’ rumors swirl

Joe is making an admission against interest (his interest), but we here at the blog think he let at least part of the political cat out of the bag.

The problem is that people think the Democrats elect convention delegates via the Presidential Primary Process; however, this is not true. Most delegates are pledged prior to the vote, these guys, referred to as “super delegates,” are the ones that are a majority and really run things behind the scenes.

My proof is this, if you recall the cycle when Hillary Ran against Trump (2016), Bernie Sanders won many states by as much as 70 percent, but Hillary still won most of the delegates in these states. The system is rigged so that the super delegates have the power. This only becomes a problem when the rank-and-file democrats vote contrary to the wishes of their masters, then you see the fraud that they perpetrate.

What this means in 2024 is that while democrats are dutifully voting for Biden, the super delegates are being lobbied to support Newsom. Gavin only needs to get the support of about 1,600 people in the country to be the dem nominee regardless of how democrats vote in the primaries. The primary elections are just smoke-and-mirrors to give the illusion of a fair election process.

When the Democrat Convention happens, Joe’s removal will be engineered into the proceedings. The only question is, will Biden leave willingly or be forced out?

I maintain that something is afoot.