Another Red Wave that Never Happened

Last night was allegedly a bad night for Republicans as the status quo was maintained in most elections held yesterday. Today a plethora of folks on Fox News are blaming Donald Trump for these losses. Sorry but I don’t get that at all.

First the Fox article:

MIAMI – A dismal night for Republicans on Election Day 2023 is giving some of former President Donald Trump’s rivals fresh ammunition to target the commanding front-runner for the 2024 GOP nomination.

The disappointing results — which included Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear winning re-election in red-state Kentucky; Democrats winning total control of the state legislature in Virginia, expanding their legislative majorities in New Jersey and winning a state Supreme Court seat in battleground Pennsylvania; and the convincing victory in Ohio of a referendum that enshrined abortion rights in the state’s constitution — follow similar results in the 2022 midterm elections, when an expected red wave never materialized.

“Last night was a sweeping loss for republicans. It was eerily similar to last November, when the anticipated ‘red wave’ never came,” James Uthmeier, who manages Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign, said in a social media post.

2023 Election Fallout: 2024 rivals DeSantis, Haley, Christie blame Trump for GOP’s rough night

I don’t know why there would be a “red wave” in the first place. Folks may be dissatisfied with Democrats and their lack of leadership, but can anybody tell me what the Republican alternative is?

Truth is that there isn’t one.

Instead, the typical Republican campaign is, “vote for me ‘cause I’m not a Democrat”.

Per Fox News, Donald Trump is somehow to blame for this? Why? Trump, as far as I can tell, is staying out of most of these contests. Oh, he might hand out a few endorsements but actively campaigning and spending money for state races is not his thing. Frankly I wish Trump would spend lots of money on candidates that say they agree with him but so far that has not happened. Trump seems to be the living embodiment of the motto “an army of one”.

On the Internet, I did see one guy in Pennsylvania say he didn’t vote because it doesn’t fix anything and there was also an article that electronic voting machines in that state were changing votes cast for Republicans in yesterday’s election. No surprise there.

I do get that people don’t trust that we have fair elections, and we also know that to challenge that reality is to be cancelled both online and in real life.

If Republicans want to fix anything, tackling fair elections would be something. But since the Country Club, Establishment, and Swamp Creatures Elites would then have to be on the same side as Trump, this will never happen. Again, it is a demographic reality that Trump was/is/will be the last Republican President in the history of this Republic. What do you think all the unfettered immigration across the Southern border is about? They want millions of dependent people in the country that will vote the right way.

The goal is to make all of the United States into California. (Governor Gavin Newsom has turned all of California into San Francisco and now wants all the other states to be like San Francisco too.) Democrats want to destroy the United States and make it into a socialist, multicultural, humanistic, cesspool. Sadly, they are emboldened by seeing their goal within sight.

Meanwhile, depending on the specific issue, Republicans vacillate between being “Democrat Lite” or looking the other way in fear of yet another circular firing squad. They have a bad habit of avoiding doing anything that will actually benefit our country or doing “the right thing”. Frankly, as a group, Republicans are a pathetic lot.

The words of Ed Hernandez keep coming to mind. He used to say something like, “There’s the stupid party and the evil party. Which are you?” That saying may not be originally from him, but it continues to rattle around in my head when I think about partisan politics.

The real cure to what ails us is spiritual not political. I just wish the Republicans would buy us enough time for the spiritual part to kick in. Right now, it’s the wrath of God 24/7. Sadly, too many frogs are enjoying the sauna as they boil and enjoy the “new normal”. Meanwhile, we get to watch the West burn to the ground. Somehow though we don’t care as long as we have our version of bread and circuses.