Watching the Mid-East War Unfold

One axiom of American Politics is that when both parties agree on something; the rest of us should be very nervous. Such is the case now concerning the Mid-East war. Both parties—or at least majorities of each—desperately want us involved in this war. It has been reported that American soldiers are already on the ground in the Gaza area. From the sounds of things, we are going to support Israel in a prolonged urban warfare situation. The danger is that this may very well be genocide disguised as urban warfare; it’s not like Hamas combatants will be wearing uniforms and abiding by the Geneva Conventions of Warfare.

Folks in some parts of the Internet have been saying that the war in Ukraine was the beginning of World War III. We have forces in Ukraine helping as military advisors just like the early days of Vietnam. If we continue down the path that we are pursuing, it may be that we end up fighting wars on three or four fronts simultaneously. The war in the Mid-East is very close to becoming a regional war that has the potential to escalate to the point that it may involve deployment of nuclear weapons.

At the very least, because of this war, Europe will be experiencing severe energy shortages as much of their oil and natural gas supplies will quit flowing. It will be a cold and miserable winter for them. At most, Europe may find that being a member state in NATO means getting involved. Will we and our allies end-up fighting Russia, Iran, and Turkey (also a NATO member) as well?

Once we commit to fighting there, look for China to take Taiwan by force. Oh, we will not help Taiwan. Look for us not to commit any serious resources to their defense. This may embolden China to try taking further territory in the East.

This scenario is frightening but possible. Sadly, what the Swamp wants, it often gets, usually to our detriment.