Thoughts on President Newsom and the Undermining of Conservatives by Fox News

I still think Gavin finds his way onto the 2024 ballot, but maybe not in the way people normally do it. I had thought that he would run against Joe Biden and force him out of the race in much the same way as Jerry Brown did to Newsom during his aborted first run for California Governor. However, I am rethinking that idea.

I think Gavin will wait until the Democrat Convention to get on the ticket. Will he be the new choice for Vice President, or will he be drafted to replace “the Big Guy”? This gambit is likely already in the works amongst the Elites. Democrats leave nothing up to the electorate except the symbolism of casting a predetermined vote. Having Nancy Pelosi as your Auntie helps a lot in that Party. I fully expect to see Gavin in the White House if the Democrats win in 2024.

In a separate but related prediction, if the race is Biden v Trump, the 2024 winner will resign shortly after the 2026 midterm elections. Both will be “lame ducks” and be pretty long in the tooth. Resigning just after the two-year mark will allow their respective Vice Presidents to be in office for up to ten years—if they play their cards right.

Folks the upcoming 2024 Presidential election will be a big deal: especially, for the Republicans. If they don’t fix the election laws, they will find themselves in demographic oblivion even without further Democrat election night shenanigans.

Fox News Betrayal

Oh, and speaking of shenanigans, is there any doubt that Fox News has pledged their allegiance to Ron DeSantis? Trump is persona non grata on the network unless they can amplify the phony lawsuits or hit him with January 6th and accuse him of lying about the 2020 election being stolen. Trump has been cancelled by this so-called bastion of Conservatism.

Fox holds a debate for the second-tier candidates and then declares DeSantis the winner, how shocking. Next, they will claim Trump’s numbers are going down and Ron has a real shot. Look for George W Bush or Mitt Romney (or some other RINO) to start shilling for DeSantis in the name of Party unity. Once DeSantis has the “Never Trumpers” in his corner, then they will talk about his inevitability—long before any votes are cast. Meanwhile, wanna bet Sean Hannity boards the DeSantis Express after the next debate in September?

Fox News doesn’t give a crap about Conservatives except to the extent that they can make money off of them. Fox is for sale to the highest bidder. When they think nobody notices they push the false Covid narrative of the Establishment—in exchange for money from the government, they promote transgenderism, and other BS. Heck, the other day they were even running ads for Joe Biden because he will reinstate Roe—i.e. abortion for all nine months of the pregnancy. Here’s a screen grab of the ad.

The text reads, ” Get real, Jack. I’m bringing Roe back.”

So Joe thinks he’s Homelander? Scary.

Joe Biden doing his best Homelander impression.
Homelander from Amazon’s “The Boys”

Others on our editorial staff had the same ad on their cell phones too.

I have said before that given enough time, Fox News will end up being like CNN. Its happening before your eyes. Wake up people.