Hurricane Hilary Increases GOP Membership

Yep. There may be such a thing as coincidence but … whether related to the afore mentioned storm, I will let you decide.

Yesterday, I took the wife to the County Clerk’s Office, and we registered to vote. A recent law went into effect in Idaho that prohibits anyone from registering to vote unless the registration address matches a person’s address on their driver’s license. Apparently, this verification must be done by the Clerk. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans were accepting voter registration cards at the County Fair that we attended about a week ago.

Also, we learned that Republicans in Idaho have abolished their Presidential Primary.

Last, I had heard, Republicans were floating the idea that nobody registered as a Republican less than two years could vote in the upcoming Primary. Apparently, that idea was scrapped in favor of an in-person Caucus on March 2, 2024.

If you recall, in 2020, Democrats ripped a page from the Rush Limbaugh playbook and ran their own “Operation Chaos” in the Republican Primaries of several states. They elected Trump supporting candidates that were never supported in the General Election by either Trump or the GOP. In essence, these guys were abandoned, and the seats ceded to the Democrats. Virtually all lost in the November Election. In my opinion, it was shameful that they were sacrificed without any support. In a rational world, this failure should be grounds for not supporting Trump—as would the Covid disaster—but the Democrats have made Trump the GOP frontrunner for 2024; something they will rue if he prevails.

Anyway, Idaho Republicans seemed fearful of Democrats changing registration to select their primary candidates and then reregistering as Dems for the General Election. This was their motivation to push for the two years in the GOP or you can’t vote rule. The Caucus idea was likely a compromise solution. I get a sense that this was one of those divide the conservatives and then get snookered by the RINOs.

Anyway, the wife and I are newly minted members of the GOP for the first time in many years and now look forward to our first caucus.

As for our former state, the so called “republicans” are dumping Life and traditional marriage from their platform.

This is just more proof that people in places like California that think they are conservatives are really Liberals and part of the problem. These are the guys that move to other states and try to make them into California and think they are “Good Republicans” while undermining traditional values. Idaho is free because it rejects California—or more correctly San Francisco—values. Oh, my sister in Texas says the same thing; namely, if you want to turn our state into California go home ‘cause we don’t need you here Quit ruining our state.