Donald Trump was a Necessary Evil

Speaking to the 90-day guy today I gave my thoughts on his comments about “Trump being up in the polls vs Biden.”  This is nice and wonderful I said, but I have no appetite for a rematch.  Make no mistake, I supported Trump after Scott Walker dropped out of the primary and supported him during his entire first term and re-election campaign, but I have tired of him and his act.

Make no mistake about it, Trump was the most conservative president of my lifetime so far, I am 37.  Trump did some amazing things; he singlehandedly remade the Supreme Court.  Got a tax cut done, albeit temporary (expires in 2024), we also had a thriving economy.  Covid hit, and destroyed all of this, even worse, Trump got bad advice from his inner circle and turned into a mad man.  In this blogger’s opinion, he self-destructed.  Now we have a vegetable in the White House.

Trump however will be seen in a great light by me because he exposed the charlatans and frauds in the party and media.  Lindsey Graham found his spine after being a thorn in the side of the Party for years.  McConnell got the judges through and confirmed, but Trump laid waste to him and exposed him for being a fake.  Ditto for Kevin McCarthy.  McConnell and McCarthy are two of the fakest conservatives you will meet.  Both love to say one thing on Fox News and vote a different way in DC.  However both love to lecture us about how “Democrats are going to destroy our way of life” while voting the opposite.  How many times have we raised the debt ceiling?  What’s the point of a ceiling if you keep raising it?

Trump loved using the bully pulpit with soft Republicans, he loved whacking the Democrats as well, but what he did against the GOP was a thing of legends.  The way he called out “Lyin Ted, Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb” was something no Republican had done before.  There are no scared cows with Trump, he is a piece of work, but man could he get deep into the mud.  He wouldn’t back down from anyone. 

That trait has been sorely lacking from the GOP for decades, maybe for life?  The way I see it, the GOP is good for one thing; talking tough.  That’s it.  They will shut down federal, state or local governments, only to relent and give in a certain time later.  Getting nothing by the way!  I watched this most of my adult life, the Party would hold out, and then suddenly reverse course and give the Democrats everything they wanted.  Trump was having none of it.

Trump has left office he is politically toxic, but he did do some great things as far as I am concerned.  Gone are the days of Newt Gingrich, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham leading the party.  Fox is no longer viewed as conservative.  I would say Trump is the leader in the clubhouse of the Party, it certainly is not McCarthy or McConnell.  Ted Cruz got muzzled, Marco Rubio is hardly heard from anymore.  Trump gave a playbook on how to win in the media.  The Party never acted, thus they never learned from their mistakes.  Anyone remember the massive red wave that was supposed to come in 2022?  There wasn’t one.  It’s a leaderless, rudderless ship right now and I do not see it ending.  Looks like the Republican Party has circled back to the only hope for a GOP win at the national level is for a milquetoast moderate to run…. Mittens Romney anybody?

The Chief