COVID-19 Vaccine will Change Nothing

Folks, the merry band of health officials claiming that a vaccine will fix everything Covid related are once again showing their hand… and it’s a very empty bluff that needs calling. If you get the vaccine, it changes nothing.

The following is from the State of California, specifically “Dr. Heidi Bauer, the head of public health for California Correctional Health Care Services.”

Let’s go through this one question at a time. Oh, please keep in mind that the text which I am quoting is the best arguments that your government can offer as to why you should get vaccinated.

After the vaccine, can I stop wearing a mask?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is no. We as a society are going to need to continue to protect ourselves and to protect other people by masking and distancing for at least the next six months and possibly longer. It will take weeks to months to get enough people vaccinated before we can really let down our guard. Masking and distancing will continue to be really important prevention measures until we know more about the protection that we get from the vaccine.

Getting the vaccine will still require you to socially distance and wear a mask. You will need to do so for at least six months.

Note to readers, depending on the article that you read on vaccines, the Covid vaccine is claimed to be good for a period of three months to as long as a year. These claims are constantly being revised because the truth is that nobody really knows. Some articles are even claiming that you will need a Covid vaccine annually for the rest of your life or until Dr. Fauci changes his mind (yet again).

Oh, if you’ve had Covid, you will still have to get the shot because its assumed that you don’t develop any immunity by being infected. My question is, if surviving Covid—as over 99 percent of people do—does not result in immunity, then how does getting a shot do something your body’s immune system can’t do on its own by successfully fighting it off?

Am I exempt from testing after getting the vaccine?

Unfortunately, no. As I mentioned, people can still become infected even if they’ve been vaccinated so testing continues to be important for identifying people who become infected and may be infectious and pass along that infection to other people. We’re going to continue all of those other strategies. So the vaccine really gives us another tool in the tool kit. Unfortunately at this point. It doesn’t replace any of the tools that are already in use. 

So, getting the vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting Covid and getting Covid doesn’t prevent you from getting the vaccine. This is called circular reasoning; which by the way is a logical fallacy.

Given the above, the next question is at least a logical one. Please understand that the answer is directed at people working in the correctional system.

If I still have to wear a mask and get tested, what’s the point of the vaccine?

That’s a great question. People have many reasons for wanting to be vaccinated for COVID-19. The primary reason is for the benefit of health and the ongoing risk of exposure to COVID-19, particularly in congregate settings and prisons are very much congregate settings. And we know from our experience over the last nine or 10 months that there is very high risk of transmission, and these viruses some of them are becoming even more transmissible. And so the main reason I think that people want to be vaccinated and should be vaccinated is to protect their health. The other really important reason is to protect the health of people around you and family members and people that you come into contact with. 

Did you catch the answer? You should get vaccinated to protect yourself and the people that you love even though it doesn’t really do anything but make you feel better. The ultimate reason is in your head (the mental health of vaccine recipient) and an appeal to your sense of citizenship not based on science.

Maybe the Surgeon General should require wording like this on the vaccine: Warning, any immunity that you develop to COVID-19 is purely coincidental and not necessarily the result of this highly experimental chemical cocktail that we are injecting into your body. Just in case this vaccine proves ineffective, keep pretending that you are the most highly infectious individual in your family/ church/ school/job or community by continuing to stay six feet away from other people and wearing a mask. Shouting out, “Unclean” when a stranger passes you by is encouraged but not yet required.”

Oh, and even though millions of folks have been vaccinated, its just a drop in the bucket. Which ties in with this next article. Please note the headline is: COVID-19 cases drop 40% since last week

The number of reported COVID-19 infections has plummeted 40% in the United States in just one week and 30% worldwide in the past three weeks.

And the primary reason is not the distribution of vaccines, contend experts, who point out that only 8% of Americans and 13% people worldwide have received their first dose, reported.

A New York Times COVID-19 case tracker indicated cases in the U.S. were down 30% from just last week, according to Marketwatch.

Statistics from Johns Hopkins show the nation’s seven-day rolling average is down 40%.

Daily cases have dropped 45% since the latest peak Jan. 11, according to data from the COVID-19 Tracking Project.

Didn’t Michael Crichton tell us that “nature finds a way?”

Meanwhile the plethora of COVID-19 mutations which we told you about last Spring are finally being reported by the mainstream media. Some are finally asking in light of the virus’ ability to mutate, “will the vaccine remain effective?” Please note, this presupposes that the vaccine was effective to begin with. Give the responses by Dr. Heidi Bauer, this claim is very suspect to me.