Ginsburg Exits Supreme Court

In news that was expected, Justice Ginsburg is finally off the US Supreme Court. As predicted at many an editorial meeting of this blog, this exit was feet first in a body bag.

For Democrats, this is supposed to be some sort of a shock? Folks, this lady has been kept on the Court with a combination of morphine, gauze, and duct tape for many years. Truthfully, she should have left four years ago but she—like many in the Beltway—was cocksure that Hillary Clinton would beat Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential race. Had she not been a bitter clinger to her seat of power—something the nine in black have a reputation of doing—she could have given Barack Obama a chance to replace her with someone even less beholden to the Constitution and half her age.

The original nine in black robes

Frankly, I’m glad she’s gone. This lady had so much blood on her hands that every day with her on the Court was a mockery of the Almighty. Ruth Ginsburg’s legacy was the moral and judicial decay of our nation. She is celebrated as some sort of champion for women, something which is totally untrue. Ginsburg was a champion of eugenics, degradation of the nuclear family, and expansion of illegitimate power to the national government. Ginsburg did not feel any moral obligation to honor her oath to uphold and defend the Constitution or defend our nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.

However, we know that Democrats vow to never let a good crisis go to waste so expect them to fundraise on this issue like crazy and fight like hell to keep any Trump appointees away from the Court.

Ironically, the biggest losers in all this are the Democrats. George Soros and his ilk have spent many millions to fund the unrest caused by folks like Some Black Lives Matter. Joe Biden will be even less relevant to the political process than he was. Joe’s campaign is remarkable similar to the old movie, Weekend at Bernie’s. Joe is just the figurehead, but the brains are elsewhere in the political machinery. Oh, what happens with Covid now? Will Democrats care about it anymore? Will it silently be pushed aside? Can Democrats fight and win a battle on multiple fronts this close to the election? Especially with a media that can only obsess with one thing at a time.

Joe Biden to star in next Weekend at Bernie’s

Oh, if Democrats had their way, Ginsburg’s corpse would lie in state in the Capitol Rotunda until election day. However, since she was allegedly Jewish, tradition requires a quick burial, so what will they do?

When discussing Ginsburg’s death on the phone yesterday, it occurred to me that the bunch from Planned Parenthood would be holding a vigil at her graveside and hoping like hell that somehow, Ginsburg would remain in the Court longer. To that end, I picture them waiting just in case the bell rang and Ruth wishes to spring forth to adjudicate once again.

Early cross-section sketch of RGB memorial

Amazon already has a sympathetic program about her, no doubt to try to get the Pope to canonize her as Saint RGB.

Cover of RGB (2018)

Given what we know about the current Pope, the fact that she was not Catholic may no longer be a barrier to declaring her a saint. Thus far, we have not had independent confirmation from Father Leatherby that the Pope is likely to do this just to spite the conservatives in his church.

Oh, as for the sainthood thing, a miracle must be documented after the person’s death. FYI Ruth already checked that box. Yep, its true. Can you imagine any 87-year old person with preexisting conditions from New York City living in a hospice setting that died of anything but Covid-19 anytime this year? Yep, the media said she died of pancreatic cancer. That folks is a miracle.

I look for President Trump to nominate her replacement very soon, like maybe before the dirt even hits her casket. If I was Trump, I would put up the very prolife female, Roman Catholic judge from Colorado or another female that has a track record of supporting life. The Democrats always make Republican nominations about abortion, so I saw go for it, Donald. Let’s end Row v Wade now.

I think Trump’s reelection is assured—not that he needed more help—but this will really put it out of reach for Biden.