SAT Changes Should Surprise No One

In a shock to no one with an IQ north of a potted plant and no genetic relation to a Park Brother, the College Board is adding a new adversity score to students who take the SAT. This adversity score will add and likely subtract from a student’s score based on several things: neighborhood they live in, school they attend, number of parents/siblings in household, household income, marital status of parents, and if the applicant has a child among other things. This has finally gone way too far and there will be major pushback from several different ethnic groups. While the “adversity score” doesn’t mention skin color, I’m sure it’s included somewhere. This whole thing is a tragedy, and a direct attack on college access based on hard work, I’ll continue later.

Truth is this has been in the works since “no child left behind” or as I call it “no child turned down until you cannot afford tuition” was written by Sen Kennedy and signed by George W Bush.

George W Bush signing No Child Left Behind

While that law has been a disaster, this amendment has been in the works for a while. The backlash will be interesting on this one. As you may recall, we had SB 1 here in California and the Asian community caused such uproar it was instantly squashed. This is about equal results folks, it has nothing to do with equal access or any other line of BS put out by the elite. This is an affirmative action plain and simple, and forcing college compliance with mandatory minimum quotas of people from all socio-economic status. Instead of SAT score, academic achievement, extra-curricular involvement you will be scored as well on “adversity?” How exactly does that work? So if you live in a bad zip code, attend a bad school, come from a broken home and have a single parent who doesn’t work, that makes up for the lower test scores/grades? If you attend a private school, live in a nice neighborhood, have 2 parents who work, your score will be reduced because you’re privileged? According to what metric? What about the gender/sex of the parents? I would assume if your parents are a same sex couple you get a higher score since there’s “adversity?” I would assume if the student or a parent is transgendered it would be like hitting the jackpot since they seem to be getting all the sympathy in America now?

Here at Really Right we see this as an attempt by the powers that be to put their hand (not just their finger) on the scales to get the outcome they desire. The dirty little secret is they do not like the fact that Asian students dominate all the supposed “elite schools” in America and want to change all that. Have a student who is very talented academically and you hire a tutor and put them in advance placement classes? You will be knocked down a peg or two as a result. Now we won’t be accepting the most qualified, we will be trying to have a completely gentrified campus with no one socio-economic status dominating the student body. Lawsuits will start flying and we will rue the day this became a qualifier to gain acceptance.

Martin Luther King told everyone no one should be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…..too bad, those times are long gone. I have a hard time believing he is agreeing with this type of scoring model.

However this should surprise no one, all politicians preach inclusion and equality so as a result we have new rules like these. By the way if you go to DC and see the MLK Jr Memorial look for that quote, but don’t take too much time since you will not find it on the statue. (Hat Tip to William on this one)

I for one would like to see this applied to the football and basketball teams at colleges, boy how funny would that be, imagine the outrage in certain communities that their children cannot apply since there is a “adversity score” added to short/un-athletic people. Oh by the way the guy who helped birth Common Core David Coleman, is the same guy who is behind this.

So basically what we have here is legalized reverse racism with a voodoo scoring model that no one will have any clue how it’s calculated.

I for one, went to private school my whole life, attending prestigious Jesuit High and was a player on the only football team to go undefeated in school history, ask for a look at my football championship ring, I’ll show it to you! I would be given negative marks, I’m also white, and have 2 working parents and live in a nice part of South Sacramento County.

Now let me add an “adversity” to my score. If instead I had attended Pleasant Grove High School, while it is considered one of the best, my school district, since it has a very high level of people on free or reduced lunch program, I would get added adversity to my SAT score! By the way as William can likely attest getting on this program is not very hard.

The overall point we try to strive for here at is to present facts and have you decide. We both believe students get out of school what effort they put in. Why should one be punished for getting a tutor to help, or taking AP classes? Or the color of their skin? Or if their parents are married/or any other factor? I thought this was America? The republic is at a tipping point. Once again we see the elites switching equality of opportunity for equality of outcome and hoping no one notices. I’m not sure if the emperor ever had any clothes on but thinking he can pull this off with a straight face is stretching credulity.

“The Chief”

Editor’s note: Thankfully there is an alternative to the SAT called ACT. If students quit taking SAT as a result of adversity scores, this social experiment will go away quietly. Liberals claim they are all in on socialism but the truth is that they will follow the money.