CRA Resurgence

Just when you thought you had hear the last of CRA champion, Ted Cruz, comes a headline that just has to smack you in the ole kisser. Yes, Lyin’ Ted” Cruz and Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren are on the same side of an issue that we just blogged about, Facebook.

In the article, Elizabeth Warren Finds An Unlikely Ally In Ted Cruz, we learn that Ted is retweeting Warren.

Recently, Warren’s presidential campaign had ads on Facebook talking about her stance on breaking up big tech monopolies, and in particular, Facebook (yes, it is ironic). The social media giant responded by pulling the ads. Eventually, the ads were restored but the whole debacle proves Warren’s point.
And while Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) doesn’t agree with Warren on much, he did back her up, saying big tech has too much power to stifle free speech.

Folks, besides just the fact that both Senators agree on Facebook censorship—even though Pocahontas was OK with it until it happened to her—Ted has found a way to interject himself into the dialogue of the 2020 Presidential race and that has to give CRA hope that Ted is still in the hunt.

Breaking up “Big Tech” is turning into a bipartisan issue that could be a path back to relevance for Republicans. Perhaps their salvation lies not in Ronald Reagan but in the modern Teddy Roosevelt in his role as “Trust Buster”.

For CRA, this couldn’t come at a better time. Ted is back.

What an inspiration for the faithful and just in time for their upcoming state convention which will be held in Sacramento just a few days from now. CRA, like Ted, believes that as long as they draw breath that there is hope for the Republican Party. Ted will lead them to victory in a post Trump Republican Party.

Teddy Roosevelt use his charge up San Juan Hill to propel him to the White House and now likewise, they believe that Teddy Cruz can channel that same spirit to facedown the enemy of “Big Tech” and ride his victory to the White House too.

CRA is newly energized by the prospect that Ted is back and just in time for 2020.