Krafting Hypocrisy

The Chief” and I recently held a teleconference in which the main object of discussion was the arrest of Robert Kraft. The mixed messages of this story when viewed with other events in our culture today illustrate a schizophrenia that just can’t be reconciled.

Was Kraft’s Behavior Criminal (allegedly)

In his article, The Chief, took a rather libertarian position on the issue of prostitution. Clearly Florida law enforcement took a dim view of ‘the oldest profession”. Kraft’s arrest was reported about the 22nd of February. But just over a week later (March 3rd), US Senator and Presidential wannabe, Kamala D. Harris, is featured in a Washington Times article advocating for the legalization of prostitution nationwide. She wants Federal law to negate the prostitution laws in all 50 states (57 if you believe President Obama).

Obama’s visit to 57 states

The decriminalization debate among Democrats spilled into the 2020 presidential race last month when Sen. Kamala D. Harris of California said she was supportive of the idea — although the legalization crowd complained that she was still too timid.
It was less than a decade ago that the Democratic Party embraced same-sex marriage and just three years ago that it formally adopted a platform plank to legalize marijuana. Rep. Raul M. Grijalva of Arizona, chairman emeritus of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said decriminalizing sex work is on “that same trajectory.”

“But when you are talking about consenting adults, I think that you know, yes, we should really consider that we can’t criminalize consensual behavior as long as no one is being harmed,” she said.
It’s a major shift from 2008 when, as San Francisco district attorney, she called the idea ridiculous.

Link:Kamala Harris gains momentum among Democrats with proposal to legalize prostitution

OK, so Kraft should forfeit his NFL franchise for paying for sex but a serious candidate for US President says if effect, “whatever floats your boat.” How can both be simultaneously true?

Can I See Your Green Card

Next, Kraft’s hospitality providers were specially targeted because the women that entertained him were in the country illegally. Wait just a darn minute! What is the Left always telling us? There are no illegal aliens in the United States. Aren’t we told they are undocumented workers? Aren’t many states including California suing the Trump Administration because he is trying to enforce immigration law? In the name of state’s rights, California is saying, “No” these people are our guests and welcome here. California and many other states assert that you have no right to know the status of people from other places. They want everyone with our borders treated the same.

Look at the hypocrisy in this logic. Does the law hold customers responsible for the immigration status of employees in the businesses that they wish to utilize? Do you ask the cook at your local taco place for his papers before ordering the combo plate with refried beans? When the AAA driver arrives at your roadside emergency, do you check him for a current Green Card and driver’s license before letting him put a new battery in your disabled car?

Given that customers are not responsible anywhere else to know the immigration status of a business’s employees, why is Robert Kraft being held to a different standard? Because he is rich? Because he likes President Trump? Because a guy that old can still need the affections of a woman? Folks let’s face it, when a naked woman is reaching for your manhood, the last thing on your mind is her immigration status.


Robert Kraft is a rich guy that wanted to satisfy his primal urges without any consequences. He has enough people in his past vying for their share of his vast fortune. As such he did what many wealthy people (and Democrats) do all across our great country, he sought out a business that offered a service that “consenting adults” could utilize. As a customer, it is ridiculous that people are trying to hold him responsible for the immigration status of somebody else’s employees. It is more than ironic that the same political party that is carrying the torch for legalizing prostitution nationwide is the same party that runs the county where he was arrested for doing the very thing they want to make legal.

Robert Kraft is being prosecuted by Democrats for doing things that Democrats say should be legal. I think the real problem is that Democrats just haven’t figured out how to tax prostitution, yet they know Kraft can afford the tax, so they are just mad about the lost revenue. Or maybe there just isn’t any unifying logic in this whole thing and they really are just schizophrenic. Michael Savage says “Liberalism is a mental illness” and maybe this is just another example of symptoms to prove his case.