Surprise: Boy Scouts of America File Bankruptcy

The Sith Lord–who is a certified Eagle Scout from back in the days when boys aspired to be men—and the rest of us that remember when BSA was America’s premier organization for young boys are not surprised that the Scouts have filed for bankruptcy.

The Scouts’ membership has cratered since it abdicated its founding values to become politically correct. BSA’s corporate leadership can’t admit their recent foray into social engineering is related to their current woes so instead they are saying that the reason for their problems is litigation for sexual abuse claims. Talk about liberals accusing other of what they do!

BSA trashed all moral rules of conduct and turned the Scouts into a safe haven for sexual deviants of all types to prey upon shall children and then blames the heterosexuals for their woes. Talk about irony.

Participation in the organization’s programs has fallen in recent years, though the group opened some of its programs to girls and transgender boys. The Boy Scouts currently have more than 2.3 million youth members. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, formerly one of the group’s largest sponsors, has said it will withdraw from Boy Scout programs. The church said it would develop its own program for young men.
The Boy Scouts group has drawn scrutiny over its slow pace to become more inclusive, including by lifting a ban in 2015 on gay men and lesbians serving in leadership roles.
The group has also dealt with fallout from its decision last year to expand its recruitment of girls, putting it in competition with the Girl Scouts of the USA, a separate group that offer ssimilar programming and has also seen membership fall.  

Boy Scouts of America Considers Bankruptcy Filing Amid Sex-Abuse Lawsuits

This story is spin at its best. Membership fell because BSA allowed these other groups in. Sure many youth pursue sports over Scouting butthings have cratered not just in membership but financial support as well.Please note that the article makes no mention of declining financial support. Also no mention is made of rural verses urban membership in Scouts.

Like the Liberal churches that have abandoned Christianity—Episcopal, Methodist, Lutheran, etc.— surviving on trusts left to the Church back when they were faithful to their values, BSA is in the same boat. They have vast assets deeded to them when they stood for traditional America and Judeo-Christian values. Scouts could not continue to exist without the generosity of past generations.

Liberals want to control the things that they hate and if they can’t control them then kill them. In this case they have done both. They killed Scouting as it was and replaced it with something else. Sadly the only thing that was allowed to survive is the name. It is only a matter of time before Boy Scouts of America is relegated to the dung heap of Liberal victories in their war against Western Culture.

Addendum: In a rare public appearance, the Sith Lord has the following observation concerning the Scouts:

Here is an interesting statistic, of the reported 2.3 million Boy Scouts today, a third are registered to LDS chartered units leaving the BSA at the end of 2019 for their own newly created LDS program.

Additionally, I checked out the websites of the two BSA councils that I have been a member and found something interesting.  There has been a significant reduction in the number of Boy Scout camps listed.  The BSA councils have closed several summer camps that were leased from the National Forest Service and have sold other camps and properties.  Some of these facilities have been used by the BSA for over 75 years.