The Myth of Russian Collusion with Trump 2016 Campaign

First, nobody in the Republican or Democrat Parties thought Donald Trump had a prayer of beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. Hillary was the presumptive President of the United States in the minds of many and has been since she beat-out Bernie Sander two years ago. (In point of fact, Hillary had Bernie beat before a single vote was cast due to having 1/3 of the delegates needed for the nomination by securing the support of the Democrat “Super Delegates” concurrent with announcing her candidacy.) Certain folks out there think that her gender; her caustic personality; multiple failures in policy as FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States), US Senator, and Secretary of State; and the fact that she slept with a former President of the country are her qualifications for office. When she ran as a candidate for US Senator, not one single supporter in New York could name three accomplishments that were reasons to vote for her but she won anyway. Today, I still say that those supporters of Hillary can’t name three things that she has accomplished.

Hillary was a failure as Secretary of State. Many thousands of people died because of her incompetence including the folks that died needlessly in Benghazi and a multitude of Christians in Middle Eastern Countries. Other nations knew her unfitness as a leader and wanted to cripple her presidency before she ever got into office. Also, don’t forget that President Obama frequently interjected himself into political campaigns in other countries; especially Israeli elections and the Brexit vote in Great Brittan. Hillary and John Kerry were joined at the hip to Obama in these efforts.

Sensing her weakness, presuming her victory was pro forma, and wanting some payback for US policy, nation states such as Russia and China did use the openness of the US to exact some retribution on Hillary. The irony is that all you have to do to harm Hillary politically is tell the truth about her.

As is the typical pattern, China gets a pass from Democrats. This is due to the millions of dollars that China has invested in the Democrat Party since the Clinton Administration and in left leaning businesses such as Hollywood movie studios and technology that they have heavily invested in.

Not believing that people in other countries could be mad at Hillary—who thinks she is the handmaiden of the Messiah—anything not supporting of her must be the fault of Trump. Trump gets the blame because most establishment Republicans supported her over Trump in 2016 and many still do to this day.

This led to the myth that Trump is the puppet of Russia and this whole collusion story. Even after it has been proven that Hillary and her supporters created this conspiracy out of whole cloth, the Dems and media are holding onto this narrative.

Enter Robert Mueller. Two years have passed since beginning his investigation and he still can’t find the goods on Trump. Believe me if he had, his report would have leaked-out by now just to help the Democrats wipe the Republicans off the map on November 6th. The consensus is that Mueller’s report will end with a whimper not an Impeachment.

Matt Drudge has had this report linked to his website for the last couple of days.

I feel bad for them, in the way that I feel bad for kids who are about to discover that the Tooth Fairy is fake. After 17 months of appending compound adjectives (“Russia-linked,” “Kremlin-backed”) to the names of an increasingly obscure cast of characters accused of things like sending spam emails and holding pointless meetings that went nowhere, it looks like we are finally getting close to the end of the Mueller probe. A report in Politico suggests that what skeptics have argued for more than a year and a half is true: namely, that Mueller and his team have not found any smoking-gun evidence of “collusion” between Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government because no such collusion took place.

How the Mueller fairy tale ends

Trump has endured two years of reporting about him that is 92% negative and yet he is drawing record crowds at political rallies. The pundits are back peddling on the Democrat tsunami on November 6th, could America actually like this guy? What is their Plan B?