Tests Oaths on College Campus

In what is a natural step in the tyranny of diversity and intolerance, colleges are now requiring applicants to prove they are adherents to diversity and inclusion.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is rolling out a new policy to “require a diversity statement from candidates for all faculty and staff searches,” becoming the latest university among dozens nationwide that force job-seeking professors to pledge their commitment to equity and inclusion as a condition of employment.

Critics of required diversity statements have suggested they are a tool used to weed out candidates who do not agree with the leftist notion that identity politics should be the lens through which academics is taught. What’s more, critics contend, seeking to identify and hire underrepresented conservative and libertarian scholars is not the type of “diversity” sought through the statements. Finally, they argue, the statements are used to elevate applicants of color over other qualified candidates.

California public university latest to require ‘diversity statement’ for employment

I told you this was coming. This oppression of folks with different worldviews—especially targeting Christians and other conservative folks—will be spreading to other taxpayer funded employment and the private sector too. Look for this concept to be embraced and expanded once Garvin Newsom is anointed California’s next Governor.

The war on Western Culture is escalating right under our noses but few frogs are willing to jump out of the pot. Some days I think George Orwell just got the year wrong.