First of all to let our loyal readers know your humble blogger has returned as internet and power have been restored to the underground bunker here at the X residence.  No word about a hurricane at a local tavern taking place, but a hurricane at a commode did take place; but on to the point of this post. 

The NFL has had a disastrous first couple of weeks and it has only gotten worse from there.  The games have been entertaining—even decent I would say—but the shenanigans surrounding the national anthem are a disgrace.  Ratings are down over 10% from last year; this sounds like a fledging cable channel (ESPN) right?  This past weekend over 100 players refused to stand for the national anthem, and in my opinion that’s ok I guess, because we believe in freedom of speech.  Taking a knee is very disrespectful do not get me wrong; but even worse is holding a fist in the air a la the Black Panther symbol, or sitting on a bench eating.  Both of which have been demonstrated last couple weeks.

Perhaps even more disturbing, the NFL plays a couple games in London a year apparently, and the players continued to kneel for the national anthem, yet stood for God Save the Queen!  So let me get this straight, protest a democracy, respect a monarchy?  Just for the information of many, these protesting players make more money in one year than most Americans will ever earn over the course of their entire lifetimes!  Also anyone take notice that they have never said what they are protesting, also notice the time that protests started?  Both coincide with the rise on one Donald J Trump as both a candidate and nominee for President.  Protesting President Trump, I think that’s okay, but totally contradictory to the stance many of you took when Barack Obama was President!  Remember if anyone said anything bad about him we were racists, etc.  Interesting, we were told to fall in line under Obama, under Trump we are told we have to co-exist!

The NFL is just beginning to feel the brunt of this protesting, and it’s going to get far worse before it gets any better!  Did anyone see the fans demonstrating during and after the games, as well as throughout the week?  Fans ripped up their season tickets (These are not cheap I may add) torched their jerseys (Just like the CRA torched their principles) and have stopped tuning in to the games themselves.  AT&T subsidiary DirecTV is offering a full refund to anyone who purchased their product NFL Sunday Ticket due to the protests.  This is unheard of from a cable company!  Two sponsors of the NFL have pulled their ads from appearing during the games and more are likely on the way.  One of X’s spies, let’s call her a FOX (Friend of X) has even told me the NFL owners are panicking to the point they wanted players to wear a patch that said “Team America” on their jerseys last weekend!

NFL Team America: Putting the F in you

This shows a ship with no captain heading straight for the proverbial iceberg; much like the CRA (Which I left 3 years ago, because I knew this meltdown was coming).

This became a problem with the NFL—just like it has with ESPN—because neither know the temperament of either their audience or fans.  NFL fans tend to be more conservative; which is why I am not sure why the NFL didn’t do more to address these protests before they became an issue.  The fans booed the protesting players and the NFL and the players came back saying they were praying… sounds bogus to me.  One former NFL player was given a segment on ESPN saying how standing for the national anthem is not any different from wearing the flag as a shirt or bikini.  My rebuttal to that player is I don’t think anyone considers a shirt or a swimsuit an act of disrespecting the flag, kneeling is.

Anyone notice the players never defined their protest?  Was in police brutality?  Black Lives Matter?  Donald Trump? Inequality?  The problem when you do not define your movement, the public, or the powers that be; will do that for you.  Donald Trump did, after it appear the owners and the commissioner had become squishy, Trump labeled the protest as disrespecting the flag and the country—which it does.  Since Trump’s comments, the tables started to turn, the players never reacted and now Jerry Jones and Stephen Ross, two powerful owners; have said to their players “Stand for the anthem or you won’t play.”  The players didn’t define their movement, so others did it for them!

Maybe the CRA should consult with these players since they hate Donald “the dictator” Trump as well.  Trust me I was at the endorsing convention, Cruz had no chance to be nominated, yet was overwhelmingly endorsed. Also, concerning two members from the local Sacramento chapter, I would love to debate anything I have written on this blog with you, but I’m sure you’re still busy working on your “resolution to admonish the cap and traitors.”

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