Hillary, God, and the Election

I get several newsletters in my email, but none is as much fun to read as the one I get from Joe Miller. Miller is from Alaska and has run twice for US Senate. Some content is written by Miller while other articles are contributed by others. This article appeared today and concerns the election. Here are a few paragraphs from the story. I think the author (Steve Deace) is correct and I recommend that you read the whole thing.

Hillary Clinton’s Continuing Email Saga Reminds Us That God Is God, and We Are Not

This presidential election is a painful reminder of this truth. For it is being driven not by substantive issues that will really determine the future of our nation for the next four years, but by this very principle. Three men — Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and now Anthony Weiner — and their unrestrained sexual appetites are going to play the biggest roles in the outcome on November 8th. Not the candidates’ positions on real issues.

Because try as we might, and pretend as we so often do, the real issue has always been character.

…This election is nothing more than that age-old story. Wars have been fought over the unrestrained sexual appetites of men. Like when a face once launched a thousand ships.

…Yet, here we are in the final days before another important election. Caught in the Bermuda Triangle of three men’s genitals, with literally the immediate future of the country at stake.

…But even more than they need accountability, they need forgiveness. Not from us, but from God. The forgiveness they must seek for themselves. We should pray they will seek it, so they can learn as I have that mercy triumphs over judgment. That God’s grace doesn’t mean we escape accountability, but gives us the character to accept it and then the strength to overcome our weaknesses. To be better than we are, and we ever could be on our own.

Christian leaders like Billy Graham used to deliver this message to our politicians, which is why they were often friends to those in power regardless of party. Unfortunately, in this election, it seems as if Christian leaders have delivered every message but this one. How many Christian leaders do you believe are hoping to politically capitalize on the failings of these three men rather than do anything to help them sincerely repent and be truly restored?

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