Party Central Committees Die in 2016

The undertaker is finally catching up to the top two primary system in California.

The political parties in the state are supposed to have elections every two years for their county central committees. These bodies are elected county by county in each of California’s 58 counties. Last year these elections were not held. This was done with the blessing of the parties. They were telling people that they would have to switch to have them coincide every four years with the Presidential Primary vote. Otherwise the parties will have to pay county by county to put their central committee elections on the ballot. To hold this vote any other way is too expensive for them.

As a generalization, delegates to the statewide party conventions (at least on the Republican side) are 1/3 from county central committees, 1/3 from candidates, and 1/3 from elected officials.

This is about to change.
Several county committees have already voluntarily opted-out of central committee elections but per an article that I saw today this is about to change on a statewide basis.
The headline is Lawsuit to Stop Taxpayer Financing of GOP/Democrat County Committee Elections

Here is the money graph in the article:

In light of this precedent, the Independent Voter Project is asking all county registrars to refrain from expending any public resources for the administration of party central committee elections unless each political party requesting such administration first agrees to reimburse taxpayers for the full and fair public costs related thereto.”

I don’t even think the suit will have to go the distance to be successful. I think they will get a temporary injunction against the central committee elections and the county clerks will comply and it will be a done deal. The judge will then make the injunction permenant and the only grassroots path to access political parties will be just as extinct as the woolly mammoth.

Another part of the fabric of the Republic goes to the waste bin of history and the sheeple will not miss it.

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