Bringing Bibles to School Outs Ineffective Pastor

Bring your Bible to school day promoted by Folsom-Cordova School District

This story by Sacramento TV station KCRA is typical. Not one person in support of the flyer is quoted; only parents that disagree. In fact why would the school district distribute the flyer about Bring Your Bible to School Day if no one in the school asked for this activity? Only nefarious district lawyers are mentioned in the story as saying it must be allowed. This question is never addressed by the story.

The TV reporter introduces the issue and then states, “Some parents said that the promotion of the event crosses the line between the separation of church and state.” Sorry, no such phrase in the Constitution—which by the way applies to the national government not the several states. This quote, like much of the story is non-sense.

Let’s look at a quote from one parent.

“Religion should be taught at home, with their church or whatever their beliefs are, but their beliefs should be separate from the public school system,” said parent Al Ernst.

OK, this person’s ignorance is probably typical. Any bets that he voted for Obama?

Al, bad news for you; there is no such thing as a religion free school. It’s just a question of which god is being promoted. Apparently, as long as the religion teaches that man is the measure of all things, not God then it is OK for your kid. Just so you know this religion is called “Humanism”. Public schools just teach a different religion they are not free from religion.

The next quote could only be by a Baptist.

Chan Kim is a local pastor and a parent with children who attend schools in the district. He said the flier for “Bring Your Bible to School Day” was inappropriate.

“It’ll cause problems, because where do you draw the line, where do you stop?” Kim said.

Yep, nailed that too. He is a Baptist. Pastor Kim’s church was found on the Internet and claims he wants the next generation to transform the world. In fact his website states, “Our Vision: To transform the world for Christ by developing a new generation of disciple-leaders who passionately replicate the character, ministry and mission of Jesus Christ.

And Pastor since you can’t use the Word of God to do that what do you intend to use? To quote Isaac Air Freight, “You can’t do any damage without a sword”. Your ignorance is exceeded only by your ineffectiveness.

This whole news story is non-sense because having a Bible at school should not be a big deal. My daughter carried one thru all four years of public high school. The dangerous thing wasn’t carrying it; it was when she finally took the time to read it. Now that’s dangerous. In fact it could ever lead to transforming her corner of the world for Christ. Something pastor Kim will never have to worry about with his children.

Instead of shining your light, Pastor Kim wants it kept securely under a bushel basket. Yeah, pastor, that’s in the Bible; however, you might want to check the context before you think you are doing the Lord’s work.