Mormons Betray Boy Scouts

The other issue near and dear to me lately has been Boy Scouts. I have been a Den Leader for the last year. I am supposed to be the next pack treasurer. Yet, at the national level, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are posturing themselves in such a way that I may have to reconsider my commitments to scouting.

In May, BSA will be voting on whether to overturn a one hundred year commitment to traditional family values. BSA leadership is trying to force the acceptance of openly homosexual members. About ten years ago, BSA went all the way to the US Supreme Court to fight for the right not to be forced into accepting homosexuals. Since that time, many top leadership positions have been captured by pro-homosexual people.

On Friday, people wishing to keep scouting rules as they are were dealt a big blow by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (the Mormons). The LSD church released a lukewarm endorsement of the change in policy to allow homosexuals into scouting. The Mormons are the single largest sponsor of scouting in the United States. The third largest group, the Methodist Church, capitulated on homosexuality decades ago. This leaves the only holdouts as the second largest sponsor, the Southern Baptist Convention.

The LDS sell-out moved the policy from likely to fail to likely to pass.

Strangely enough, I have yet to hear a single conservative talk show host come out in support of scouting. While I don’t listen to talk radio 24/7, I think it would be noteworthy if Limbaugh or someone came out with a full throated endorsement of the current policy. Scouting as a traditional American institution is about to go over the cliff and they all know it, yet remain silent.

I have no desire for my elementary school aged son to hear about Heather having two mommies or daddies. I also have no desire for my son to go on an overnight scouting trip where he could be forced to sleep in the same tent with an older boy wishing to have sex with him.

Currently all leaders in scouting are required to go thru youth protection training every two years. This is so children will be kept safe from pedophiles. Now BSA wants to force our children to be with such people in the name of diversity as long as they are under 18 years old. Are they nuts? And the goodie two shoes LDS church thinks this is wonderful?

I am old enough to remember when the Mormons first allowed black people into their ranks. It was in the midst of Jimmy Carter’s human rights campaign when all of the sudden the LDS President got a revelation that blacks are no longer under divine curse and can be admitted to full membership in the church. It was like a page from Orwell’s 1984 as the church doctrine on this point was radically changed and all the sheep in Salt Lake went along without skipping a beat.

This appears to be the same thing, Salt Lake is out of step with pop culture and magically will conform so they don’t seem to backwards to the unchurched masses that they hope to recruit.

If this policy passes I will pull my son from scouting and resign as treasurer of the pack. My son is in private school so he won’t be exposed to all the perversion found in public schools and about to be forced upon him if he remains in scouts. Either that or the pack breaks away from BSA and goes it alone. I think that too many parents will resist the second option.